Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw Review

The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is a mid-level compound crossbow with a price typically ranging between $582.00 and $750.00. The bow is an attractive option when you are in the market for a powerful reverse draw compound crossbow. This bow is American made so you are supporting the American economy when you buy, and you can rest assured in knowing the bow’s integrity remains protected via the inclusion of a lifetime bow warranty. The bow is equipped with precise geometrically designed contours for repetitious and easy handgrip and with the perfect revolver grip so the recoil is reduced when firing an arrow. You can expect fantastic accuracy, a powerful strike, and a rapid acquisition of any target with the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw.

Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw CrossbowOne look at this bow and you will immediately witness just how sleek this unit is; the sheer appearance of this compound bow is breathtaking and intimidating. This bow promises remarkable speed, but a super lightweight, making it excellent for hunting excursions, travel, and transport. The camouflage exterior makes it super easy to blend into the environment as you hunt prey.


The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw bow pulls off a full 300 feet per second. It has a 155-pound draw weight, and a 15.125” power stroke. The mass weight of the bow is 6.5 pounds. It measures 31.7 inches by 17.25 inches. The exterior of the bow is decked out in high definition camo.


Barnett serves up quite a package of features in the Buck Commander Raptor Reverse. From Axle to Axle its 16.75”. The bow has string suppressors, a reverse limb, and a riser crafted out of carbon. The pass-through fore grip and finger reminders promise ease of handling the equipment when in use. The flight track is CNC machined aluminum. The bow has both laminated limbs and butt pad with adjustable features. In addition to all the latter, the bow comes with a cross premium quiver with a three-arrow capacity, a rope-cocking device, and a premium illuminated superior scope for easy spotting of your intended target. You also get three Headhunter arrows measuring 20 inches each in length.


The Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw bow has myriad of advantages for the adept archer looking for a lightweight, ultra compact, reverse draw functioning bow with, a superior trigger mechanism. All of the latter features make the bow perfect for hunting excursions, whether hunting small game, bear, moose, elk, or deer. The package that comes with the bow is decent as well, and could be otherwise labeled perfect if it had a few practice field points included with all the other perks that come with the model. The scope is powerful and is pretty much the standard many archers use: a 4×32 millimeter multi-reticle illuminated scope.

The Raptor’s Energy Output

If you are an adept archer looking for a powerful bow, one generating plenty of energy, look no further than the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw bow. With this model, you will have no problem hunting any kind of prey you desire: The 155-pound draw weight along with the 15 plus-inch long power stroke ensures a screaming speed of 330 feet per second when the arrow flies! Using a 20-inch arrow for each shot, it means you getting a whopping 97-foot lbs or energy with each shot. Hunting in the region of North America: The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw will help you take down that game quick!


The design of the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is coveted because rather than having the limbs of the bow curving toward the archer, the limbs curve in the opposite direction one would expect when using a compound bow. These leads to an ultra unique, sleek, compact style, and a bow with a design meant to inspire! What’s more, with reverse configured limbs, the archer ends up with tighter grips and even greater controls. To add to the breathtaking design of the speed demon, the manufactured added a stock with a skeletonized design: This not only looks hot, it makes the bow even lighter than other models. The string stops are positioned perfectly to ensure a sound dampening effect. The archer never has to worry about an injury of the thumb and fingers thanks to the forward grip design, and with fitted grooves serving as finger reminders, the archer’s hands grip the bow in a natural way, making the bow feel as if it is a natural extension of the archer’s body.


The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is ideal for an adept archer seeking a bow as attractive as it is functional. A neophyte archer may want to eventually upgrade to the Buck Commander Raptor once a long-term interest in archery reveals itself. The price of the bow makes it one better for an archer who is really committed to the sport. Nevertheless, it serves as an exceptional upgrade for the archer who has gained enough skills to handle its power. With an outstanding price, design, and features, the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is a phenomenal piece of equipment.