Barnett Ghost 410 Review: An Upper-End Bow for the Serious Archer

The Barnett Ghost 410 is a high-end carbonlite crossbow, available in both a black and camo exterior. The price specs are the same no matter what color exterior the archer covets. As a high-end crossbow, the price tag that accompanies the model might deter the new archer seeking a basic bow to get started in the sport. To the adept archer who loves archery, hunting, competitions, or all of the latter, the Barnett Ghost 410 is one of the best bows on the market to date. The price for this unit ranges between $851.00 and $1,999.00, but you will be paying for one of the most powerful bows ever produced: One with an 185-pound draw and one that delivers an arrow at a blistering speed of 410 feet per second.


Barnett GhostWith an investment in the Barnett Ghost 410, you are getting a bow that comes complete with a comprehensive user’s manual, a 20” axle-to-axle design, a 3X32 Scope for easy sighting of your prey. Fantastic for the hunt, the Barnett Ghost 410 will take down just about any prey, big or small, with ease. This bow is light, fast, and even more powerful than the bows that have come before it, including the Ghost 400 by the same manufacturer. In fact, the Barnett Ghost 410 takes everything exceptional in the Ghost 400 and carries it over in its own design, but adds more to it thereby rendering a powerful carbonlite bow like no other.

As mentioned earlier, the Barnett Ghost 410 serves up 410 feet per second when the arrow flies. It has a 185-pound draw weight, 15.375” power stroke, and it weighs all of 7.2 pounds. The bow measures 37.375” x 21.875”. The illuminated scope that the bow comes with is ready to install and use the moment you pull it out of the box. If you were to invest in a similar scope with the same kind of performance, you could expect to spend at least $200.00 or greater. With just a couple of days spent out on the shooting range practicing, if you grow accustomed to handling the Barnett Ghost 410 quickly you can hit a two-inch circle with shocking accuracy from a distance of about 60 yards out.


When you invest in the Barnett Ghost 410, you get a decent package, including three Headhunter arrows measuring 22 inches each. The bow comes with a Talon Crossbow sling and cross premium arrow quiver with a three-arrow capacity, a rope-cocking device, and a premium-illuminated scope for the sighting of prey.


The Ghost 410 has an ultra sweet design thanks to the Carbonlite Riser Technology: A proprietary offering by the manufacturer that leads to a shift of the bow’s balance point so it is away from the rise and it goes back to the shooter’s shoulder instead. In addition to the Carbonlite riser, a patented feature, this ultra light bow has a five to one safety factor giving the archer a bow that delivers an absolute balance between speed and bow weight. The riser ends up being an entire 43 percent lighter than other bow risers. If you opt for the bow with a mossy oak finish, you blend in perfectly with the woodland scenery, but the flat black bow also helps in camouflaging you well!

This bow has a flight track made of CNC machined aluminum. The 7/8” Picatinny Rail is also CNC machined. The limbs are composite laminated. The cable system and the Crosswire® string bring this flawless unit together. Another advantage with the package that comes with this crossbow is you end up getting a quiver that not only secures the arrows correctly but also has very little vibration.


The Ghost 410 by Barnett: It is a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, flawless bow that really cannot be beaten in terms of its light, sturdy, and highly attractive design. The impressive speed of the shot you get from this bow ensures you have got a seriously powerful weapon in hands if you are the lucky owner of this bow. You can count on the accuracy of the 410 and the bow’s design ensures very little vibration and minimal noise. The price tag may deter less skilled archers, but to the skilled shooter the Barnett Ghost 410 is a dream weapon come true: The Bentley of compound bows. This bow is the best if you want one of the hardest hitting weapons available on today’s market.