Barnett Jackal Review: Best Value Crossbow

The Barnett Jackal is a compound crossbow of superior quality. For starters, the model features a mid-level price range between $255.00 and $399.00, thereby making the unit affordable. Despite its mid-level pricing, the Jackal still hosts some high-end features, which means you get more for your initial investment. When you purchase the Barnett Jackal, you not only get the high-quality bow, you also get bolts, a quick-detach quiver, and a premium red dot sight.

Barnett JackalThe Barnett Jackal was released a year after the Barnett Brotherhood: It became available on the market in 2011. The ADF MIM trigger has a 3.5-pound pull, and the bow’s design ensures a comfortable grip and hand positioning. The Jackal also hosts a Picatinny Weaver Rail, an AVi Foot Stirrup, and an AVi Bolt Retainer. The foot stirrup is fitted with anti-vibration features. Along with the ability to shoot an arrow at excellent speeds, this bow is light enough to easily transport to your favorite hunting spot: The Jackal weighs 7 pounds. The bow is 26.5 inches wide from Axle to Axle and 32.5 inches long. It has a 12-inch power stroke. To ensure greater shot accuracy and precision, the Barnett Jackal is fitted with a 28mm Single Red Dot Scope.

The best size bolts to use with the Barnett Jackal measure 18 to 20 inches. In order to ensure the longevity of the bow, it is best to keep the bow in a climate controlled area when not in use. The bowstring needs to be waxed after every ten shots with the bow. When you buy the Jackal, it comes with a three arrow capacity quiver and three headhunter arrows.


The Jackal is crafted with a durable stock, one that’s military style and camo covered. The camouflage exterior makes the Jackal excellent for blending into the natural surroundings during a hunt. The bow hosts a synthetic bowstring and durable cable system as well as compact Quad Limb high energy wheels: both of which contribute to the high speed and power this bow can deliver. The draw weight on the bow is 150 pounds, and an arrow shot from the jackal will travel 315 feet per second. The Barnett Jackal is sold with a user’s manual. The amount of energy the bow produces equals 95 ft lbs. The Jackal features a pass-through foregrip and finger reminders, a durable Crosswire® bowstring with patented fibers, and a strong aluminum riser.


The bow has anti-dry-firing features to protect you against making an accidental shot that might otherwise result in injury or equipment damage. The comfortable grip and design make the bow easy to hold and aim.


The kinetic energy the bow produces is enough for you to hunt and conduct a quick, humane, and ethical kill. The bow is excellent for hunting elk, bear, and small game as well as moose and deer. The bow proves accurate and powerful enough to take out a moose at 40 yards.

Ease of Assembly

When the bow arrives, it comes with all the screws, bolts, and hex keys you need to maintain the bow and make adjustments. A full instruction manual will guide you through the steps you need to use the bow and to ensure its proper care. Overall, the assembly of the bow should not take longer than ten minutes. The installation instructions will guide you on how to connect quiver bracket to the bow’s stock, and how to connect the cams/limbs, cables, and string. The foot stirrup also needs to be attached to the bow set up, and when that’s complete, the red dot scope gets attached.

Noise Level

This compound bow is noisy, so you may want to invest in some dampeners and silencers. This is particularly true if you plan to use the bow to hunt. While the bow does absorb some noise, it may not be enough to keep the prey from being alerted of your presence once you fire a bolt. The bow does feature some anti-vibration technology in the foot stirrup and bolt retainer, but dampeners and silencers may improve the noise control to a greater degree.


The Jackal comes with a five-year warranty on the device. The warranty is limited, covering the parts of the bow, but not covering the string, arrows, or cables. The limb assembly, trigger mechanism, and the crossbow stock is covered, provided you do not make any modifications to the bow.


At its best, the Barnett Jackal offers an archer a bow with an innovative, durable, sleek design, ensuring maximum comfort when in use. . The bow is crafted by hunters with the needs of the hunter in mind. If you are new to archery and you want a powerful bow at a very affordable price, look no further than the Barnett Jackal. Unquestionably, this compound crossbow has a price tag that gives you the best value possible. The bow is perfect for hunting legal game or you can use it for target shooting. When you invest in the Jackal package, you get all you need to use the bow immediately.