Barnett Wildcat C6 Review: A Value Investment for the Archer

Barnett Wildcat C6The Barnett Wildcat C6 is a reasonably priced crossbow with a starting price between $349.00 and $399.00. Compared to some of the upper-end bows by the same manufacturer, this bow has considerable value, especially to the neophyte archer looking for a solid bow for buying consideration without going overboard in terms of an initial investment. The Barnett Wildcat C6 comes with a decent enough packages that it will be perfect for target shooting or the hunt. It features a composite stock that is light so it makes the bow highly portable. The bow measures from axle to axle 26.25 inches. The bow is also equipped with a riser crafted out of magnesium, so the piece remains durable.


An initial investment in the Barnett Wildcat C6 gets the archer three Headhunter arrows measuring 20 inches each, a lightweight quiver with a three-hour capacity, and a red dot premium sight for easy spotting of a selected target. The Barnett Wildcat C6 can shoot an arrow at a speed of 320 feet per second. It has a 140-pound draw weight and a 13.5-inch power stroke. The entire bow weighs all of seven pounds so it is definitely light enough for the hunt. The bow measures a full 35.75 inches by 21 inches.

In addition to the light composite stock and magnesium rise, the bow has a pass-through fore grip and finger reminders. The latter features ensure an easy grip and a repetitious holding pattern every time the bow is used. Barnett identifies the Wildcat C6 as company tradition citing it as one of its best selling compound bows across all time. The unit is available in black and white or camo. Sometimes you can get the unit with a 4X32 Scope instead of the red dot scope. The bow’s design is reminiscent of the classic wood style of the original Barnett Wildcat sold more than a generation ago. Other than that, the valued pricing is really the only similarity the modern bow has when compared to its predecessor with the same name.


The Wildcat C6 is a boon in terms of its inexpensive price tag, excellent trigger mechanism, and its quiet operation. If the bow hunter is seeking a no frills simple bow, the Wildcat C6 is affordable and a good value for the price overall. The bow is powerful enough for hunting small game, elk, deer, bears, and moose. It is also a good option for target shooting.

The bow itself is quite easy to put together. When in use, the bow can easily handle 400-grain arrows and fire them off at with about 91 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Even if you are firing at something from 80 yards distance, you will only lose just fewer than 10 percent of the kinetic energy this bow has to offer and you will be firing an arrow about 85-foot pounds of energy.

Accuracy and Safety

This bow has a no-frills, straightforward style, but it does not compromise on functionality at all. You will find your eye easily aligns with the bow’s scope because of the improved design of the cheek piece and thumbhole. The bow has flare guards on each side: This gives your fingers extra clearance and the bow a greater degree of security. The fore grip, finger reminders, and bow shape make for a super easy grip of the bow. With hands going in the precise position every time, it guarantees greater accuracy in terms of the archer’s shot.

The trigger mechanism on the bow is easy and has little to travel before it releases cleanly at 3.5 pounds. The archer will find this bow easy to handle, sporty, and impressively accurate. The bow is great when on the range or in the field. With the lightweight body, you can carry the bow around with ease while conserving all of your energy for the hunt and prey retrieval. While the axle-to-axle size is not excessively small nor too large, the bow is still incredibly portable. With a scope featuring several reticles the accuracy of your shot is practically assured.

If seeking a bow that’s quiet, you’ll find the Wildcat C6 doesn’t disappoint. This is because the bow is equipped with a relatively low draw weight. There is minimal noise during the draw, fire, or after the arrow release. If you were to put on additional sound dampeners and vibration controls, this bow would be one silent beast of a weapon.


The beginner and the adept will find the Barnett Wildcat C6 a splendid addition to any collection. The price tag makes it good for the beginner; its raw power makes it ideal for the avid archer. The simplicity of the bow’s design does not in any way compromise the bow’s power. The Wildcat C6 is a bow that gives you plenty of value for the price tag.