Bear Firebird Youth Recurve Review: An Introductory Bow for Neophytes

The Bear Firebird Youth is a recurve bow that is quite affordable as it featureBear Firebird Youth Recurve Reviews a cost ranging from $45.00 to $49.00. The bow is one of 12 Youth bows crafted by Bear Archery, and the Firebird Youth bow stands amid a long line of exceptional youth bows. The bow is best for those archers ages 12 and over, and promises the neophyte archer an exceptional model to learn how to shoot with on the target range.



The Firebird Youth Recurve has a bow length equivalent to 60 inches from tip to tip. The draw length on the bow measures between 22 inches and 28 inches, while the bow ranges from 30 to 35 pounds in terms of its draw weight. The Firebird Youth bow has super strong limbs crafted out of composite materials. This bow is an ambidextrous piece making it exceptional for the left or right-hand dominant individual, and if a parent is seeking to invest in an entry-level bow for a youngster, the Firebird Youth bow by Bear Archery is one of the best options on the market. The limbs of the bow fall under the coverage of a warranty for a full five years after the initial purchase of the bow.


The manufacturer of the Firebird Youth is the very same as that who crafts traditional bows like the Super Kodiak and the Grizzly. The company was first established by Fred Bear: A man familiar with the hunt and what an archer covets in exceptional archery equipment. The Firebird Youth is a good selection to get a young archer familiar with the feel of a powerful bow and the durability of the Firebird ensures the archer will have the dependable equipment to practice with for many years to come.



The bow is crafted out of solid fiberglass to lend strength to the riser and two limbs. The exterior is sometimes silver and sometimes green, depending on the model. The riser is black and has finger grips for ease of handling and gripping the bow. The bow does not require any assembly when it arrives: This means it is almost ready for use, as the archer will still have to string the bow with the included bowstring. Once the string is on the bow, the archer can experience the smooth handling and ease of use one can come to expect from a bow designed by Bear Archery.


The bow is fitted with a strong, attractive paracord string and the body of the limb measures about 1/4 inch thick. The paracord comes with two crimps so the sting can be contained within the crimp instead of having to tie off the bowstring once it is put on the bow. At the end of each limb, there is a black end tip protector that slides over the bowstring that fits into the precut grooves for the bowstring’s placement. Since this bow works for left or right-handed people, the finger grips are universal: The bow can be flipped over to allow for a left-hander to use the bow with the same ease a right hand oriented archer can use the Firebird Youth. The black riser is made of strong rubber material. The brace height of the Firebird Youth is roughly 7 inches.


When shooting the Firebird Youth you can get a pretty solid shot from 15 yards out. The shots are grouped fairly well for a youth bow. The draw of the bow is easy, especially with the ergonomic style of the bow with its grip fitted with finger model. It is not, however, a model ideal for hunting prey as there is not enough power generated from the bow to allow for an ethical kill. The Firebird Youth is a great investment for a beginner looking to master the basics of archery. It is suitable for use during target practice and anyone under 16 years of age should be monitored by an adult when using the bow to prevent potential injuries.



If looking to get a youngster started in archery and you want the archer to have the opportunity to fall in love with the sport, a Firebird Youth bow is an exceptional investment. If you are seeking an intermediate or advanced bow or equipment for hunting, the Firebird Youth is not an ideal choice. A beautiful bow for practice and training, the Firebird Youth is an affordable investment. Its construction ensures the bow’s longevity and the warranty on the bow’s limbs offer more than generous coverage. Ultimately, the bow is a great buy for the neophyte looking to enter into the world of archery.