Bow Review: Bear Cruzer

Bear CruzerThe Bear Cruzer is an excellent bow for shooters who have a little growing to do. The draw length goes from twelve to thirty inches with a rotating module, and has a five to seventy pounds draw weight. It comes with a nice accessory package, too. The accessory package does not offer the top of the line items, though, and some complain that the bow has a little too much adjustability.

Bear is advertising the Cruzer as a boy to man or girl to woman bow, and they’re definitely right in saying that this bow might be the only one a shooter ever owns. The draw eight has sixty-five-pound adjustability, and the draw length goes from twelve to thirty inches. A father would be able to shoot his bow, adjust it, and allow his son to shoot it. Overall, the bow is excellent for beginners who have a lot of growing into their bow to do.


Bear knows that the Cruzer is probably the first bow a shooter will own, and they know that the shooter will most likely be a beginning youth, so they offer a lot of color options for this bow. They also tailor it more toward the younger crowd with blue, orange, purple or pink with a matching string, too. The finish options do have black mixed in with them to make them look more camo colored. The bow looks amazing with these colors and entices young archers to try them out. The finish is definitely of good quality and should withstand a young shooter’s harsh usage.


This bow has a reflexed riser design of around a dozen cutouts from limb pocket to limb pocket. This helps the overall bow weight only 3.6 pounds. There’s also a traditional cable slide used to keep the Cruzer cables contained when the bow is drawn. There is also a rear mounted string suppressor that serves two purposes. One is to keep the string off the shooter’s clothing and arm, and the second is to help deaden the aftershock.


The grip on his bow is a simple design into the riser with the nameplate on both sides. The nameplate doesn’t add any feel to the grip but just displays the Bear logo. The grip has a slim design that is comfortable for a large range of shooters. The grip is not removable. The grip does lack some color and anyone who wants more of a grip type feel is not going to get it with this design. However, the slim handle does a good job remaining repeatable.


The limbs are definitely adjustable with an offering of sixty-five-pound range. Shooters who are just starting out can back the limb down to five pounds, and as they grow, they can crank it up to seventy pounds. This type of draw range is unheard of in the compound bow industry, but that goes to show that the Bear Company really wanted to make a bow that was usable by everyone.

The maximum preloaded quad limbs are just like the others in the Bear family and are designed to store the maximum amount of energy while still being durable. Clearly, durability is imperative for any set of archery limbs, but with the adjustability, the limbs truly have to be able to withstand a lot. The limbs are held to the riser with a zero tolerance limb pocket for a snug fit. They are secured to the riser, and the black pocket look pretty good on any of the finish patterns that are available.

Draw Cycle and Shootability

The draw cycle of this cam varies depending on the archer’s specific draw length. Archers at the longer end of the draw length will experience different feel than those who are at the shorter end. It’s good to have a bow so diverse, but at the same time, it’s nice to have something with less adjustment possibility to make it a better fit for more shooters. Nonetheless, the draw cycle is great on the long and short sides. The shot goes off without vibration and noise. The AtA measurement makes this bow steady for targeting, and the light weight is good for all shooters.

In Conclusion

Archers who are looking for the adjustability of the Cruzer will have a tough time finding it somewhere else. The draw length range is a huge eighteen inches and the limbs are adjustable by sixty-five pounds, from five to seventy pounds. This bow fits just about anyone, and coming in with the ready to hunt package for the low price make this bow an option for anyone who wants to get started with archery. Shooters that are done growing might benefit from a bow that has a smaller adjustability range. However, those who are still growing can benefit a lot from having a bow that will grow with them.