Diamond Atomic Youth Bow Review

Diamond Atomic Youth BowThe Diamond Atomic bow is perfect for getting kids into shooting bows. Many parents out there have bought their sons and daughters this perfect bow for youths and raved about how wonderful it was for their children! Just take a look at some of the pros of this bow:

  • Adjustability ranges are excellent
  • Great for young shooters getting into the sport
  • Comes equipped with everything that’s necessary to operate the bow
  • Adjustment is marked
  • The limbs won’t back out completely

The Diamond Atomic has a lot of adjustments and is designed to change with the person who’s shooting it. With the draw weight adjustment between six and twenty-nine pounds, the Atomic is an excellent choice for those who are just beginning their bow excursion. The limb bolts don’t back out, so there isn’t a need to worry about adjusting the limbs too low. It also comes with an adjustable draw length that’s easily changed by rotating from twelve to twenty-four inches using the quick reference marks for exact movements. Weighing just shy of two pounds and measuring twenty-four inches AtA, this is a perfect bow for beginners. Some might have a hard time with the two hundred dollar investment, but the bow is of high quality and will grow with the child that’s learning how to use it.


The Atomic is available in Blue and Black Graphite Limb for boys and a Black and Pink Graphite for girls. Both of them look awesome and are in no way designed to look like a child’s bow. The Atomic is the real deal, and the finish looks just like an adult’s version.

Factory Installed

For just $199, the Atomic also comes fully equipped with everything it needs to be shot. It has a three pin sight, a two piece three arrow quiver, a full capture rest, and three carbon arrows. The once piece quiver might have been better for a youth bow because a two-piece has to remain attached at all times, but it’s still adequate. The only thing missing from the package is the release and the target. It’s really an outstanding value.


The rise is meant to look just like the adult version. Diamond did a great job when they machined the bow to look as real as possible. The riser does have a spot for a front mounting stabilizer, and also for a two-piece quiver.


The composite grip is nothing to write home about. It tapers somewhat to aid in the right hand placement, and will more than likely be warmer than the riser in the cool fall weather, but it doesn’t really stand out as being something great. Shooters are able to put their hand properly on the grip for good accuracy, but something about it doesn’t quite feel comfortable for some.


The limbs are compact in make and feature some simple graphics. They’re adjustable from two to twenty-nine pounds and have an anti-backout system to prevent the user from being injured by the limb bolts being too loose. This adjustment range is great for getting kids started and growing with them.

Eccentric System

The cam system has a twelve-inch draw length adjustment that measures from twelve to twenty-four inches with a rotating module and doesn’t need a press. There is also the option of the Atomic to be set for a no let-off if that’s desired. The dual cam technology is easily drawn and holds at full draw to help boost confidence in young shooters. The cam also has markers for adjustment for easy reference.

Draw Cycle

The nice thing about the Diamond Atomic is that it has the ability to change easily to fit a variety of shooters. The cam is smooth drawing and easily held. For a beginner’s bow, the Atomic has everything and does everything you’d want it to do.

Usage Scenarios

It’s a starter bow and an excellent one. Kids who are able to pull over thirty pounds have a lot more options available to them. But, those who are starting out have fewer options to choose from, and kids who want a bow that’s like their parents will love the Atomic.

In Conclusion

As a starter bow, the Atomic is hard to beat. Archery is an excellent sport and the experience of passing on this tradition from one to another is one of the best parts of it. The Atomic is designed to look like an adult compound bow and does that extremely well. It’s adjustable for just about any shooter, and it will grow with the shooter as they age.
Overall, the Diamond Atomic is an excellent choice for kids!