Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Review: A Top-of-the-Line Pro Recurve Bow

Hoyt Buffalo Recurve ReviewThe Hoyt Buffalo Recurve is a bow that is available in several styles. An archer can get the bow featuring an visually exquisite blackout riser with matching limbs, a blackout riser with limbs made of maple, or a silver riser coupled with blackout limbs. The Hoyt Buffalo is part of the company’s traditional series of bows. The bow brings together an impeccable design, amazing accuracy, and remarkable features in a single model. The Buffalo Recurve cost around $745.00, thereby making it an upper-end model when it comes to recurve selections.



The Hoyt Buffalo is a bow featuring a riser length measuring 19 inches. The bow weighs all of 3.2 pounds, thereby lending to its ease of transport from one favored hunting spot to another. The Buffalo is available in a wide range of draw weights ranging from 35 to 65 pounds in five-pound increments. An archer can purchase the bow with a bow length of 58, 60, or 62 inches. The brace height of the bow runs between 7 and 8 inches. The riser on the bow is made of machined aluminum and to ensure a perfectly smooth draw, the manufacturer integrated a Paralever Limb System couple with an adjustment feature for the weight and tiller. A handmade, custom Flemish bowstring comes with the Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow and a convenient bow stringer is included with the archer’s purchase to make stringing the bow safer and easier than stringing it via conventional methods.



The Buffalo Recurve Bow is perfect whether you want to go target shooting or you just want to hit up your favorite hunting spot immediately. Whether the archer is a beginner looking to master the basics of the sport or an old pro looking for some solid equipment to hunt and shoot with, the Hoyt Buffalo has much to offer. The bow works for both left and right-handers and today’s archers are in agreement when saying that the Hoyt Buffalo is among the best of the best in recurve bow buying options. The level of accuracy and the power the bow delivers are unrivaled by the competition. The bow releases smooth and with very little limb vibration, so you get a quiet shot with every use. The exterior of the bow is crafted of weather-resistant materials to better ensure the bow’s longevity.


When you buy the Hoyt Buffalo, it comes with a package that includes limb covers, a stringer, silencers, and a transport case. The Hoyt Buffalo Recurve is a bow for the archer that demands the ultimate archery experience in terms of user comfort, power, accuracy, and equipment design. If you have ever dreamed about being a pro archer or you are a professional, this is the kind of bow that should be in your hands when you are on the range or hunting prey.



The owner’s manual gives full instructions on how to assemble the Hoyt Buffalo. The limbs have to be placed in the pockets and the archer then has to tighten bolts manually. The assembly of this bow does not require a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Once together, the included stringer makes for ease of stringing up the bow. The kit comes complete with whisker silencers so you can put them on the string for dampening sound.


The palm fits nicely around the grip of the Hoyt Buffalo, thereby ensuring long-term comfort when using the bow. The long length of the riser, which measures at 19 inches in length, ensures a quieter shot due to the reduction in vibration. The limb pocket structure of this bow also contributes to the low noise this bow delivers. As with most modern recurve bows, the Hoyt Buffalo hosts a riser constructed of machined aluminum. Since the manufacturer has cut the riser past, center it means there is no worry in terms of your arrows and their spines. The bow’s limbs are exceptionally well made, strong, and durable.



The accuracy of the Hoyt Buffalo is exceptional: you get absolutely no bow torque when you release an arrow, the solid grip, and the lack of vibration ensures a quiet, powerful, smooth, and accurate shot. This bow is excellent for a beginner who is really set on participating in archery for the long term but is not ideal for the neophyte who is not yet sure about his or her level of passion when it comes to the sport. The upper-end price tag makes this bow a considerable investment and one wisely made by the long time archer or pro. The bow has plenty of adjustments on it allowing the archer to really personalize the bow and how it is used. It is terrific for hunting live prey like deer and smaller game, as well as bigger targets like elk, ox, buffalo, and more.