Martin Lithium Compound Bow Review

Martin Lithium ProWere you ever out in the field, listening, standing motionless, paying attention for your target prey? Were you out in the wilderness and saw the most stunning pretty just standing there, spotted it in your sights, and then slid the arrow into place only to have the arrow squeak and frighten that target away before you were able to release our grip? Or you had the chance to actually release the arrow but you missed the target entirely?

There are some unfortunate incidences during hunting with compound bows, but did you know that having the proper bow could fix that problem? The right bow will not only ensure that there is quiet and shoots right where you want it to shoot, but it will also make everything you do as the hunter easier. This bow does exist. It’s called the Martin Lithium.


The Martin Lithium Compound Bow is an amazing bow regardless of the shooter’s hunting style. It shoots around 335 feet per second, has an eighty percent let-off, and has a peak draw weight of fifty to seventy pounds. It also has a draw length of twenty-six inches to thirty-one inches, a brace height of seven inches, and an AtA of 33.25. To make it just a bit better, it weighs only four pounds!

The Martin Lithium Bow has a one-piece, solid connected riser and comes equipped with the company’s original vibration escape system. This bow is coupled with the completely changeable Nitro 3 cams, the x4 Twin limbs, and the carbon STS. It is so great that every kill you make is going to feel like a reward.

It comes in the colors of Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Black, allowing you to blend in with your surroundings and make the kill before your target even knows what’s coming. The Martin Lithium Bow has an incredible blend of speed, smoothness, and stability that makes this bow the perfect hunting and competition bow out there.


The Martin Lithium Bow’s strings are one of the world’s finest available. They’re made out of a hundred percent BCY materials of the best grade and are twenty times stronger than steel. Before you receive this bow in its packaging, the strings have been fully pre-stretched so that you avoid any stretching complications. In addition, the Martin Lithium Bowstrings have a no peep rotation that’s included in their list of amazing qualities.

This bow has a capture rest that will provide full capture and enclosure of the arrow while still providing complete vane clearance, which there isn’t any drag or a loss of speed. The included armguard with the quick-snap fasteners is completely innovative. It also comes with a detaching, adjustment, and installation that are easier than some of the simplest bows. It has a fast four quiver with two VEMs integrated into it that catches and destroys any vibration noise that could frighten a target.

The twist lock release system is much lighter and tighter locking than any of their previous bows. The rubber hood is steadfastly stuck into place and stores field points and bred head by the tip in order to ensure that they are their sharpest. The Martin Lithium Compound Bow even comes with dual arrow clips that hold the arrows more securely than any other quiver available on the market, yet it’s simple and easy to remove, as well as use.


The carbon arrows that come with the bow are also top of the line. They are thirty-one inches in length and are guaranteed to be within 0.003 in straightness in its entirety every time you use the bow. The weight is matched with +/- grains throughout the one dozen arrows, making it dependable, reliable, and consistent.

They come in many sizes, from three hundred to 9.9 GPI or grains per inch, to three hundred and fifty at 8.8 GPI, to four hundred at 8.1 GPI, and five hundred at 7.2 GPI. They also include the Bohning Double Lock nocks, too.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for top of the line craftsmanship in order to compare with your need as a well-trained shooter, then you should highly consider the Martin Lithium Bow. This is an excellent bow to go out into the wilderness with and go in for that dream kill. When you purchase this bow, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the company, who will guarantee you years of enjoyment.

It’s a good thing to note that all compound bows from the Martin Company are handmade one at a time. The martin Company has stayed a family owned and operated business while others have sold out. They work very hard to satisfy their customers.

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