Martin Tiger Compound Bow Review

The Martin Tiger bow is for youths between the ages of four to eight years old. It’s an excellent, lightweight bow, which is imperative for younger children. It’s considered one of the safest bows available on the market when it comes to children, has a built-in, adjustable sight, and doesn’t need the draw length adjusted. This bow is very affordable, so it’s perfect for kids who are just starting to get into the sport!

This bow has been manufactured for over ten years now and comes in two different styles. The original style began before 2007 and comes with the Mini Z-cam, and the new Martin Tiger, manufactured in 2008 to the present day, comes with the T-Pro cam. While both of them are designed for small children, they’re different in terms of specifications, design, and suitable ages. This review is going to concentrate on the older version of the bow.

Professional Review

As already mentioned, the Martin Tiger is an excellent bow for children between the ages of four and eight years old and is considered one of the safest bows on the market. The bow is outfitted with a shoot-through machined plastic riser that’s sophisticated and reliable, even if it’s not made from aluminum. Because it comes with a shoot-through riser, both left and right handed children are able to shoot this bow. In addition, it comes with a built-in, adjustable sight with one pin, which is nice because you don’t need a separate sight for this bow then.


Experts and parents both agree that the new Martin Tiger is one of the safest bows on the market due to the riser design. The arrow capturing shoot-through system keeps the arrow facing the right direction and prevents the arrow from falling when the bow is moved from side to side or up and down.

Draw Adjustments

It’s imperative that you know that the limbs are attached to the riser without using the usual limb pockets and limb bolts. Because of this, the draw weight is adjusted differently than the average bow. Specifically, it’s made by loosening the slip knot and moving it to one of the three knots that are available that correspond to the draw weights of ten, fifteen, and twenty pounds. The knot closest to the upper wheel is utilized to set the draw weight to ten pounds, and the next two knots are used to set them to fifteen and twenty pounds respectively. It’s recommended that you use a bow press to compress the limbs before the draw weight is changed.

Eccentric System

The eccentric system on this newer bow is flexible due to the bow being able to be shot at any draw length from fourteen to twenty-four inches without an adjustment or an extra module. The T-Pro cam system gives the bow a let off of forty percent. The design helps to bridge that gap between the versatility of not having to adjust the draw length and a normal let-off.


Because of its minimum draw weight of ten pounds and low mass weight, the new Martin Tiger is suitable for children who are in the smaller range. That’s why it’s best for the kids in the age range of four to eight. This range is still an estimate, though. While it’s good for the majority of children, it’s not unusual for a child to be smaller or bigger than average, so some can begin shooting this one earlier while others might still have to wait.

General Public’s Reviews

Reviewers on Amazon agree that this bow is excellent for children under the age of ten. They state that the bow comes with everything that’s needed in order to operate it, and Martin Archery has excellent customer service if anything happens to go wrong. Parents agree the bow is safe, effective for beginners to the sport, and their children all love it!


The Martin Tiger is an affordable youth bow that’s best for small children. It has been manufactured for more than ten years with two different styles, the original with the Min Z cam that was made before 2007 and the newer T-Pro Cam style that was manufactured after 2008. While both are suitable for small children, the newer one is even more so. The new modifications to the Tiger make it one of the best out there for kids in terms of safety.

In addition, this bow has received a lot of positive feedback from many parents who say that their children enjoy shooting the bow, and there’s nothing better than having kids enjoy the sport! While the factory strings could be of better quality and the draw weight adjustment is coarse-grain, overall, this is an affordable and suitable bow for small kids. If you want to see someone shoot this bow, check out this video: