Martin XR Recurve Bow Kit 135 Review: A Valued Bow for the Beginner

Martin XR Recurve Bow Kit 135 ReviewThe Martin XR Recurve Bow Kit 135 is an exceptional value featuring a price tag around $115.00. The kit is a wonderful option for the beginner archer looking for a bow to train with and it comes with starter targets. This bow is perfect for the left or right handed novice, and with its ultra-affordable price tag, it is a kit that is a great offering for anyone looking to get a young person into the sport of archery. Later, if the young archer continues with training he or she an upgrade to a more powerful bow model. Essentially, the Martin XR Recurve Bow Kit gives the youngster a taste of what Martin Archery has to offer in the way of equipment while the archer gets a taste of archery as a sport.



The Martin XR Recurve bow is equipped with a full sight window. The bow also comes with a fitted elevated rest: This well lend a bit of accuracy to the neophyte’s shot. The bow is sold with a bowstring and the model is ideal for target shooting only. It comes with a very light draw weight of roughly 10 to 20 pounds thereby making the bow easy to handle for the smaller archer. This bow has features where it can be broken down for ease of transport and storage. The bow is crafted of graphite composite materials. It hosts guide inserts made of aluminum oxide, and double footed guide frames crafted out of stainless steel. The hooded reel seats are also made up of the same quality stainless steel.


The bow measures 46 inches in length. It weighs about 4 pounds so it is a bit on the heavy side when it comes to recurve bows. The XR Recurve easily switches from left handed to right handed orientations. When an archer purchases the kit it comes with a practice target, a safety armguard to protect the user when the arrow flies from string snapback; a Belt Quiver, tab, and three very strong arrows. The arrow rest helps improve the neophyte’s shot. This bow is recommended for any neophyte who really wants a bow that will not destroy a budget. Despite the low price tag, users will still find the Martin XR a high-quality selection. Recommended for archers 12 years of age or older, the XR Recurve is the best bow you can buy for a preteen looking to learn archery skills for the first time.



The only feature that neophytes may find bothersome is the heavier weight of this bow. It can prove a bit more cumbersome than some bows weighing less than four pounds. When an archer buys the bow it comes already preset for the right hand oriented user as a default set up. The bow is sold with a left-and riser insert. The right-hand riser has to be removed by taking out two screws with an Allen wrench, and the left-hand insert has to be put in its place. The bowstring must then be flipped from top to bottom. The user’s manual provides full instructions for how to install the bow’s arrow rest and how to string the bow for the first time.


The manufacturer sells the kit with a full 90-day warranty. As the child grows and eventually requires a heavier draw weight, the user will find this bow good up to 20 pounds draw before having to upgrade. The ambidextrous design of the bow makes it easy for the buyer of the bow to ensure the investment is perfect for a young archer despite hand orientation. One of the nice things about the Martin XR Recurve is that is not a miniaturized adult bow, but a bow specifically designed for the young archer and his or her skill level. Surprisingly, the bow comes with a kit that actually includes more accessories than you might otherwise get with a traditional bow investment.



The Martin XR Recurve Kit 135 promises a young archer durable equipment one can use to master archery basics. The bow is refined enough to give the new archer a good sense about the sport and if he or she wants to further pursue its practice. The Martin XR Recurve Kit 135 puts a minimal strain on the wallet while a youngster gets the opportunity to test the waters of the sport so to speak. The inclusion of everything the archer needs plus the ambidextrous design of the bow is also a good point well. With an affordable price tag, this bow is definitely among the recommended for beginner archers everywhere.