PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow: A Great Bow at a Great Price

PSE Blackhawk RecurveThe PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow is part of the manufacturer’s Heritage Series, and when it comes to single piece bows ideal for entry level archers, the PSE Blackhawk is considered among the best. The Blackhawk Recurve is built with durability in mind, and the archer will be pleased with the power, speed, and shot accuracy one can achieve by using the bow. In terms of use, archers who enjoy target shooting can definitely benefit from an investment in the Blackhawk Recurve, but the bow is also perfect for the archer looking to hunt game. The price point of the Blackhawk is clearly reasonable at around $249.00; thus, the archer gets a high quality, well-crafted, impressive bow at a lower end price.


This bow is made with considerable care and with consideration to, not just the accuracy and power behind the bow, but the grip, feel, and look of it. The bow’s woodwork is truly breathtaking and flawlessly presented with an ultra smooth surface. The bow is fitted with a crowned shelf as well. The Blackhawk Recurve is a bow perfect for classic archery excursions absent of all the modern technologies, bells, and whistles.



The Blackhawk Recurve Bow is available in several different draw weights from 35 to 50 pounds in increments of five. The bow is not designed for ambidextrous usage, so one of the buying considerations is the dominant hand of the archer. The AMO length of the bowstring is 56 inches, a 60 inch end-to-end measurement, reinforced limb tips, a high quality Dracon String, a mid wrist grip, and a fixed limb system. The active limbs on the bow minimize shock, vibration, and helps in making gripping and handling the bow more manageable.


The brace height of the Blackhawk is 7 to 7 1/2-inches. The bow’s riser is made of walnut and maple woods. The limbs of the bow are fiberglass covered. The PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow is a bit different from other types of bows in the fact that the riser and limbs are all one piece and are, therefore, inseparable:  The archer cannot take down the bow for transport or storage. In all, the bow is quite light as it weighs all of 3.1 pounds.


The archer benefits greatly from an initial investment in the PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow. The accuracy of the bow and the vibration-free, quiet operation makes it so the Blackhawk will suit the avid or professional archer. Even better, either as the individual gains greater experience, the ease of use, decent price, and ample power, makes it a bow that can transition with the neophyte archer or it can serve as an introduction to other types of archery as well. The only thing archer’s may not care for is the fact that this recurve bow is all one unit: It is not like a takedown bow where the limbs can be removed for ease of transport.


Assembly, Power, & Accuracy

If you were to ask 20 archers what bow they recommend for an archer to start out with, 75 percent of the group would tell you to choose the PSE Blackhawk Recurve. You are going to want to make an investment in a quality stringer so you can string the bow quickly and without damaging your equipment or running the risk of self-injury. You will have to assemble the arrow rest and put the string on when you first get the bow. The PSE Blackhawk comes with a highly durable Dracon string, as this is custom with the older recurve bows. With no separation between the riser and limbs, there is no need to connect the bow’s body, and there is no unnecessary fussing with details.


It is as if the single bow unit allows the vibration and energy present during the arrow’s release to evenly distribute throughout the unit. The end result is an ultra smooth, exceptionally easy draw, and an absence of vibration during your shot. You will be able to maintain tight groupings at 10, 20, 30, and even 40 yards or more from your target. The Blackhawk serves up enough power to use on the shooting range or out in the wild at your favorite hunting spot.



Ultimately, the PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow is an affordable archery solution for a beginner seeking a powerful, accurate, easy to use bow. For the experienced bow user who wants to partake of classic archery opportunities, the Blackhawk is highly recommended: The simplicity of design, lack of vibration, and sheer power the bow delivers makes the Blackhawk a decent buy for neophytes and adepts alike.