PSE Brute X Review

The PSE Brute X has a brace height of 8.125” to 7” depending on the model and year. It’s inexpensive, fast, well-balanced, and has almost no vibration. It also has a six-inch draw length adjustment. The PSE Brute is definitely named well considering its brute strength. This bow is tough and fast, but not only that, it’s also extremely accurate and forgiving. Because of this, some shooters have said that this bow cannot be compared to any other compound bow in its model class.


PSE Brute XLike the rest of this bow, the finish on its also very tough, resistant, and durable. However, it only comes in the Mossy Oak color rather than anything else.

Riser and Limbs

This compound bow has parallel precision made limbs that are connected to the rise using the Pivoting Hyperlight Unibody Limb Pockets. The pockets make the flawless limb placement for precision accuracy and reliability. Over the years, the CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum risers have changed shape to continually stay strong, yet achieve the ultra-lightweight design coveted by hunters. All of these parts come together to make a very tough looking compound bow.


The earlier models came with the Vibracheck rubber grip, which was made to suppress the vibration and give a soft, comfortable feel. However, the grip is wide and can cause some hand induced torque. The most recent models have the SLT Grip. This is designed for consistent hand placement that will produce a much better accuracy. The Brute X has the best grip available.

Eccentric System

While the performance system on this bow has been evolving over the past few years, all the modifications are built to obtain a smooth draw cycle, consistent shots, and be easily adjusted and efficient, as well as fast. Previous models of the Brute advertised speeds between three hundred and three hundred and eight feet per second, but the newest model boasts over three hundred and twenty feet per second. This is due to the redesigned HP cam system. Over the past five years, the Brute has been in production and has seen four different cam systems. Each system various a bit as new technology was developed.

Every model has adjustable draw lengths up to six inches. Since 2007, the draw length adjustments are made using a rotational inner cam, further post adjustments require a bow press. During the first four years of production, the cams a let –off of eighty or sixty-five percent, but the newest model has a let-off of seventy-five percent.

Draw Cycle

With the easy drawing single cam performance system and the silencing package this compound bow has, this makes the Brute X a well-balanced bow that gives the shooter a quiet shot with very little hand shock. It’s a smooth drawing bow with a solid back wall that’s easy to hold. In addition, adjustments can be made to the draw cycle to suit your feel. Upon release, this bow is quiet and almost vibration free. The earlier models might have required stabilizers, but this model doesn’t need that because it comes with the VibraCheck Hush Kit.

Excellent for Hunting

The Brute X is definitely a hunting bow to the core. It’s well-built, accurate, and fast for any type of hunting. Hunters won’t need to make large movements in the stand to draw this bow back, thanks to the smooth and easy draw cycle, which allows the hunter to remain concealed.

In Conclusion

The PSE Brute X has been one of the greatest bows for the money on the market for the previous five years. Priced at $400 for just the bow, you don’t expect to get the bow that you receive in the box. Consider this, the Brute is priced at far less than most of the comparable bows from the competition, and it gives you the same performance of the high-end bows. In fact, the Brute shooters say the bows are underpriced and that you can’t pass up an opportunity like this.

So if you’re a hunter looking for a quiet, excellent bow that will take down just about any game, then you want to check out the PSE Brute X!