PSE Prophecy Compound Bow Review

PSE ProphecyThe PSE Prophecy is one of the fastest single cam bows at 340 FPS. Its adjustable draw length of twenty-five to thirty inches without swapping a cam or purchasing a module makes it a versatile, well worthwhile investment. The only drawback of this bow is that the draw cycle might be a little too aggressive for some.

The PSE manufacturer is known for making smooth drawing speed bows and the Prophecy is one of their best yet. It’s one of the fastest bows that have ever been produced and comes with a good amount of technology at an affordable price. The speed of the dual cam compound bow with the tenability of a single cam bow is greatly appealing to numerous shooters. With a 32” AtA measurement, the Prophecy is easily held on stationary and live targets and lives up to the accuracy standards of high-performance rigs. Those who are interested in speed but want a single cam bow will not be disappointed with how this bow shoots.


This bow comes with some really professional looking finish options for target shooters and hunters. PSE does an excellent job of dipping their bows to make sure they look amazing and they stay looking that way for years to come. The Prophecy is available in the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity or a mix of an Infinity camo limb with a black riser. You also have the option of an all-black bow, too. The skull works camouflage is a black finish that shows antlers and animal skulls of different large games species. The pattern is a popular option for this bow.


PSE dresses up the Prophecy with a planar flex riser. This technology had been reserved for the proline series in the past, but they’ve decided to add it to the Prophecy series. The riser has excellent strengthen that’s meant to reduce sideways torque and front and back torque when the bow’s fully drawn. Although a shooter is not likely to feel a difference, they will notice a difference in accuracy. The bow is not very light, weighing around 4.1 pounds total, but it doesn’t feel that heavy, either.

It also has a Backstop 2 rare mounted spring stop system. The system is micro-adjustable for the length and rotational for the shooter to get the best fit when it comes to where the string hits after the arrow has been released. The rubber stop also is color customizable if the shooter wants to match it to the rest of their accessories.

There’s a front mounting stabilizer hole in the front of the string stop system. Front mounting stabilizers are common on bows today, and when they’re mounted on the front of the string stop system, it gives the energy a place to go other than the shooter’s hand.


The grip on the Prophecy is a little difficult for some to love in the beginning. Many shooters have some trouble in the beginning with the skinny rubber plated side grip. The grip is skinner than most other grips by other manufacturers. Shooters are forced to have a good hand placement when they grip this bow. Although some shooters might have trouble adjusting, they’ll eventually be comfortable with the proper form. In fact, most will end up preferring this grip after they spend some time shooting it. The rubber side plates come in either black or red, but the bow is shipped with the red installed.


The company has incorporated past parallel split limbs on the Prophecy series. Limb bolts can be turned out a total of ten turns, letting there be around ten pounds of adjustment. Maximum weights are available in ten-pound increments with the maximums being fifty, sixty, and seventy pounds. The limbs feature the logo of the bow, which looks excellent with any finish background installed. They also come with a vibracheck band dampener.

You do not need a bow press to install new bands, which makes changing them a lot easier than it used to be.

Draw Cycle

The AMP cam is made for speed. Those who want a bow in the single cam should understand that this comes at a high price. In this case, the Prophecy is a bit more aggressive than other single cam bows. However, the Prophecy is not as harsh as you might imagine before you shoot it. The draw is pretty smooth from start to finish and you can hold it back to target much longer than other bows at this speed.

The shock and sound are almost nonexistent with this bow. Overall, the bow’s powerful and holds on target a lot better than it would be expected with a thirty-two-inch AtA.

Usage Scenario

The Prophecy was designed with the hunter in mind. Like most hunting bows, it performs well on the range but is designed to be in the wood. With the thirty-two AtA measurement, single cam, and 340 FPS, shooters get the best of both worlds with this bow.

In Conclusion

A single cam that produces 340 FPS is definitely worth a test shot, even if speed is not your concern. The Prophecy has some amazing technology for a mainline bow and will appeal to those who are interested in hunting. The adjustability is easy without a press or needing to purchase parts to make the bow user-friendly and easy to work on. The draw can be aggressive, and it can take some time to get used to the seventy-five percent let off. However, hunters really should check this one out!