PSE Stinger X: An In Depth Review

With a forgiving brace height and adjustable draw length of six-inch increments, the PSE Stinger X is a great shooter at an affordable price. However, it does have a wide grip, doesn’t come with a string stop, and is a bit noisy if a vibration dampener is not added.

The Stinger is a good value for those who want to go hunting with it. It has everything a hunter needs: accuracy, speed, and consistency. The price is under three hundred dollars, so that’s always a plus! With a six-inch draw length adjustment, the bow can fit many different types of shooters, making it a good option for beginners who want a bow that will grow with them. Combine the short axle to axle length with a smooth draw and this bow will work well in tight quarters like a tree stand or ground blind.


PSE Stinger XDepending on the model that you purchase, you may or may not have choices when it comes to the finish. Older models were finished with mossy Oak New Break-UP or Mossy Oak Treestand while the newer models coming with Infinity or Skulz Camo. But no matter what finish you get, it’s guaranteed to last the lifetime of the bow, which is quite some time.

Limbs and Riser

The riser on this compound bow is a simple design, but this allows the cost of the entire setup to be low. The shape comes from a CNC machine to the 6061 T6 aluminum, which has been attached to the limbs through machined aluminum limb pockets. The limbs used on this bow are precision-engineered and are pre-stressed for optimal performance.


The Stinger comes with a Vibracheck rubber grip, which gives a soft and comfortable feel that also helps to suppress the vibration. However, the grip is a bit wide and can induce a little torque. If you’re not a fan of this grip, it can be switched out with the older style PSE grips, wood or plastic, whichever you prefer.

Eccentric System

The Stinger has used a few different cam systems throughout the production stages. The current Stinger uses a new HP cam that is designed to be adjustable and have a smooth draw cycle. It’s also meant to produce a consistent shot. The difference with the new HP cam is that it has an increased IBO speed of 316 feet per second. Every cam system allows the draw length adjustment with the use of an Allen wrench. The newer models have a let-off of seventy-five percent that’s fixed.

Draw Cycle and Shootability

The Stinger has a smooth draw cycle due to the single cam performance system. This setup is well balanced when released; however, it does have a noticeable vibration. Adding a string stop and stabilizer will suppress the vibration to the point that it’s so low you’ll barely notice it, keeping the bow quiet. In addition, the forgiving brace height helps make it easier to shoot even for an inexperienced archer.


The Stinger has been built for hunters who are on a budget. The short AtA length makes it excellent for in the ground blind or in a tree stand. In addition, the bow is light making it good for spot and stalk hunting, too. The bow may be built in a small package, but it has enough power and speed to take down any game a hunter wants.

In Conclusion

The Stinger is definitely a simplistic bow. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that the higher end ones do, but it’ll definitely get the job done well. Adding a few inexpensive components will definitely help this bow shoot like one that costs a lot more. Combine the price with the shootability and you have an excellent bow for beginners and experienced archers. The setup can be a good fit for teens due to the six-inch draw length adjustment so that it can grow with the archer. Because of the affordability and shootability, some hunters purchase the Stinger as a backup bow.

Overall, this bow is inexpensive but will still get the job done well.