PSE Surge RTS Review

PSE SurgeThe PSE Surge RTS was originally designed to replace the PSE Brute X, which was a phenomenal bow. The Surge, however, is affordable and tunable. It’s definitely a bow that’s worth the money, comes in a ready to shoot package with everything but the arrows, is vibration-free and quiet, and has a smooth draw cycle. The only downside about this bow is that it’s a bit heavy.

When you order the bow, it comes with the bow, a three pin sight, rest, a stabilizer, shadow quiver, sling, peep sight, and nock loop.


The cams are single, medium draw cams and let the bow be drawn back smoothly. The draw cycle is gentle, without a transition or lobe over. The difference from the EZ draw cams from the olden days is that the bow shoots at a speed that is much faster. This bow has an IBO speed of 320 feet per second, allowing you to get the arrow to the target efficiently and quickly.

Draw Length and Draw Weight

This bow features a tunable limb bolt that turns a full twelve turn. The average compound will only turn four times. This allows you a thirty-pound range of draw weight to let the Surge grow with you. You can order the bow at its peak weight, but you actually get a thirty to sixty-pound bow that you’re able to fine-tune with a hex wrench.

Shooting Speed

The PSE Company lists the shooting speed rating for their PSE Surge at 320 FPS. The IBO ratings are always shown with thirty-inch draw, 350-grain arrows, and seventy pounds draw weight. The reality is that the speed will most likely be lower than that.

Kinetic Energy

The KE of any compound bow will vary greatly, depending on how the bow is set up, and the Surge is not an exception. Different draw weight, arrow weights, string accessories, draw lengths, and even the arrow fletching height and length will influence the KE your bow can produce. Let’s say you have a seventy pound PSE Surge with a twenty-nine-inch draw length and 425-grain arrows. You can expect the arrow to get around 280 FPS with seventy-four feet pounds of KE. You’ll lose two feet pounds of KE every ten years your arrow goes so you can expect a fifty-yard shot to have sixty-four feet pounds of KE.

The Bow’s Draw Cycle

The only downside to this bow is that is has a slightly narrow valley, but that’s not really a deal breaker. The bow is very smooth to draw and has an excellent balance of power and smoothness. For a ready to shoot bow at this price, the Sure is one of the best in its class for power levels and draw cycle.

Noise Level and Vibration

There is very little noise or vibration with the PSE Surge, and there’s almost no hand shock when the bow is shot.


Using the highest settings on the bow and 425-grain arrows, the Surge is definitely a powerful bow for hunting. It’s powerful enough to take down the largest game in North America, including a grizzly bear. You could take down an elephant with this bow.

Limbs, Rise, and Grip

This bow has split limbs rather than solid limbs. Even though there isn’t an gain to split limbs over solid limbs, this bow looks really good with the split limb technology. A machined aluminum riser with a Raptor grip makes this bow look mean. The riser and limbs are both strong and durable, meaning you can adjust the Surge to normal wear and tear conditions without worrying.


The PSE Surge delivers a definite bang for your buck when it comes to value. It’s an inexpensive compound bow and delivers the features and benefits that the more expensive compound bows fail to deliver. It also includes everything necessary to get started expect the arrows, and is adjustable to almost anyone’s shooting needs.

In Conclusion

The PSE Surge is overall and excellent bow for those who want to go hunting small to large game with it, and it’s also an excellent choice for those who want to do some competition target shooting. Overall, it’s an excellent value for the money and can grow with the shooter as their needs change. The PSE Surge is definitely a bow to keep in mind when looking for options!