Review of the SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow

SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow

The SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow has an exceptional price tag, making it perfect for the brand new archer looking to get familiar with the sport. The bow costs between $160.00 and $199.00. If the archer is seeking a crossbow purchase with a great affordability factor, the Empire Terminator fits the bill. This bow is ideal for small game, deer hunting, elk hunting, and target practice, but it doesn’t have quite enough power for big game like bear and moose.


The Empire Terminator delivers an arrow at a speed of 260 feet per second. The bow has a draw weight of 175 pounds. If you are seeking an ultra light weight bow, the terminator only weighs all of 4.5 pounds, and it is therefore roughly 2 to 2.5 pounds lighter than the average crossbow. No doubt, the weight makes the power suitable for transport to any destination. The power stroke of the SA Sports Empire Terminator is 11-inches and the axle-to-axle measurement is 26 inches. The length of the bow is 35 inches. When you buy the Empire Terminator, you get a bow that is already prestrung. The bow has a full barrel Picatinny rail, a rear stock that is adjustable, and the design allows for a good degree of shooting power. The bow serves up a decent performance, and its camo-colored exterior along with its black-colored Picatinny rail ensure ease of environment immersion when hunting prey. The bow is sold with a rope cocking device, a 4X32 Multi-range scope, and a total of two 16” aluminum arrows.


The Empire Terminator comes with a trigger assembly and Precision Scope Mount. It hosts a Gull Wing™ recurve design and brass string roller seats. The bow comes with an ambidextrous auto safety feature, and it is ideal for left or right-hand dominant individuals. The bow comes complete with a quick detach quiver as well.


As mentioned earlier, the bow is prestrung so the archer doesn’t have to struggle with the effort of trying to string the bow. The bow takes about 20 minutes to put together, including all accessories and parts. The archer has to connect the rear stock and the bow assembly must be mounted to the stock. Once the latter step is completed, the archer has to install the crossbow’s foot stirrup and mount the quiver and scope. The hex keys needed for complete assembly are included with the bow’s package.

Power & Accuracy

An investment in the SA Sports Terminator gives the archer a bow that offers up a good deal of power if the archer wants a bow for small game or target practice. The bow offers up an arrow at 260 fps and 60 foot pounds of kinetic energy. Despite its low level of power, which might make it a less attractive option for the big game hunter, the bow does deliver in terms of great performance and overall accuracy. Once the included sight is sighted in, it is possible to maintain 1/2-inch groups at a distance of 40 yards from one’s target. Moving out 50 to 60 yards distance from one’s selected target, it is possible to maintain one-inch groupings. When using the bow for target practice, it will send an arrow out to plunge into a target deep enough to stick, but not deep enough to travel through the selected target. If the archer relies on arrows featuring 425-grain, the arrow will fly at about 250 feet per second; the arrow will maintain the 60-foot-pounds of energy at point blank range. At about 30 yards, you will have about 55-foot pounds of kinetic energy backing the shot. Ultimately, the bow is ideal for hunting boar, black bears, elk, and deer, but it is not good for hunting Cape buffalo or bigger bears like the Grizzly.


An investment in the SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow is a wise decision for the neophyte archer seeking a dependable, light, easy to use bow. It is an equally wise buy for the archer seeking a bow for target practice or for hunting small game. The bow has an easy draw back when an archer uses the included rope cocking device. They include scope makes picking up the visual of a prey at a distance is simple: The archer can get a clear and crisp sighting of the selected target, even at a distance of 50 or 60 yards out. Ultimately, the Empire Terminator is reliable, powerful, accurate, and amazingly affordable.