SA Sports Ambush Review: An Excellent Entry Level Bow for the New Archer

SA Sports Ambush CrossbowThe SA Sports Ambush Crossbow is an entry level priced, recurve crossbow bow with a price ranging from $210.00 to $299.99. The affordability of the model makes it suitable for the beginning archer. An investment in the SA Sports Ambush gives the archer enough power for target practice and hunting deer and elk, but it does not have enough power for moose or bear hunting; this lack of power is why the bow proves more appealing to the neophyte archer. An upper end, more powerful and more expensive bow might appeal more to the avid archery enthusiast.


The SA Sports Ambush features a string that measures 38 inches. From the tip of one limb to the tip of the other, the bow measures a full 28.5 inches in width. If measuring the bow length in the absence of the foot stirrup, the bow measures 35 inches. Since the limbs are compression fiberglass, the bow weighs all of 6.25 pounds. Equipped with a 150-pound draw, this bow delivers an arrow at the speed of 285 feet per second.


The SA Sports Ambush comes equipped with the hex keys and assembly tools one needs to put the parts together quickly. The crossbow comes with a complete package containing a weaver-style scope mount that is adjustable an ambidextrous auto safety feature. To spot prey or a target at a distance, the archer can rely on a powerful scope that comes with the SA Sports Ambush: A 4X32 Multi-Reticle Scope. The rear of the stock is light and made of synthetic materials. The device is compatible with a cocking device, but you have to buy it separately from the crossbow. This bow also features a string system with integrated cable and camo accents.

The archer investing in the SA Sports Ambush is getting a bow that is light, accurate, and easy to transport: The device weighs all of 6.25 pounds. The stirrup on the SA Sports Ambush is large allowing for ease of use. The manufacturer has fitted the bow with aluminum wheels, a vented aluminum barrel, and an automatic safety that works for left or right-hand oriented archers.


The owner’s manual sold with the device makes it easy to put the crossbow together once you pull it out of the box. If the owner’s manual is not quite enough information, you can access a tutorial made available on YouTube as well. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the bow’s assembly.

Speed & Accuracy

This arrow definitely does not serve up top speeds since it delivers an arrow at 285 feet per second if the archer is using 375-grain arrows. As the arrow flies, it puts about 68-foot pounds of kinetic energy into the arrow. This gives the archer plenty of power behind the arrow so it can pierce into a target, but not through it. After sighting in the bow’s scope, the SA Sports Ambush will let the archer strike a target’s bulls eye from about 40 yards with incredible consistency: it is easy to maintain a ¾ inch grouping. Moving out to 60 yards, an archer can easily maintain an inch wide grouping.


The SA Sports Ambush is a great bow if you are deer hunting, but it really does not offer up the amount of power you would need for hunting bigger game. Nevertheless, you will find this bow is light, easy to transport to and from your favorite hunting spot, and is the perfect bow for hunting down that coveted buck, big doe, or wild turkey. Cocking this bow is easy for the archer without the use of an accessory, but the bow does come with a rope cocking device if the archer prefers to use one: Doing so will help enhance the archer’s accuracy, since the device ensures an evenly pulled back string every time the archer draw’s back the string.


If looking for a bow with a spectacular affordability factor, the SA Sports Ambush is the bow of preference. The avid archer and big game hunters may find this bow doesn’t offer quite enough power, but the neophyte archer will find the Sports Ambush an option that’s saves on the wallet while delivering ample power for small game hunting and target practice. The package that comes with the bow promises the archer plenty of accessories to get the best use out of the SA Sports Ambush crossbow: The bow, once enduring a brief 15 minute assembly period and some sighting in of the multi-reticle scope, is ready to use immediately.