SA Sports Crusader Review: An Accurate and Powerful Recurve Crossbow

SA Sports Crusader Crossbow

The SA Sports Crusader Crossbow delivers an arrow at blistering speeds, and gives the archer ample power for hunting both big and small game alike:
This makes the SA Sports Crusader a promising bow for the avid archer, whether out in the woods hunting live prey or out on the range enjoying some target practice. The SA Sports Crusader will even appeal to those archers who participate in competitions, and if the individual is new to archery, the Crusader is a great bow to train with as well. This bow is heavy duty, and its lightweight design makes it a bow easy to transport to one’s tree stand or favorite on-the-ground hunt destination.


The design of the Crusader is sharp: The Next Camo™ limbs, camo stock, and copper rail make it easy for the hunter to blend into the natural environment. The limbs are made out of compression fiberglass, and the Crusader features a durable machined aluminum riser. The rear stock hosts a skeletal design. The combination of fiberglass limbs and the skeletal-designed stock ensures the SA Sports Crusader is a lightweight bow weighing all of 6 pounds, 8 ounces. A larger foot stirrup ensures greater ease of bow draw back.

This model comes complete with the hex keys and tools needed for complete assembly. The Crusader has a 225-pound draw weight and a 13.5” power stroke. Without the foot stirrup in place, the bow measures 35 inches in length. The Axle-to-Axle width (cocked width) of this bow is 28.3 inches. The Crusader comes fitted with an ambidextrous auto safety feature, and the bow is ideal for left or right-handed dominant users.


In addition to the durable bow, the Crusader comes with anti-dry-firing features to protect the user from accidental injury or from firing the bow without an arrow. The anti-firing feature also helps in preventing the damage of the bow. The Crusader comes with a rope cocking device, which lends to the ease of drawing back the bowstring. To make transport the of bow comfortable for the archer, the Crusader comes complete with a padded shoulder sling. Also in the package that comes with the SA Sports Crusader is a 4X32 Multi-Yardage, Multi-Reticle Scope for sighting in one’s target or prey. The bow also hosts a weaver-style scope mount.


The bow comes with everything necessary to put it together. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to assemble the model. What’s nice about the Crusader is that it is already strung when you get it. The archer can connect the body to the riser, followed by connecting the foot stirrup and quiver mount. The quiver bracket is the next piece to install, and once completed, the quiver is connected to the installed bracket. Once the bow is together, the scope is connected and the archer must sight it in for accuracy.

Power & Speed

The archer gets four 20-inch long, 100 grain carbon arrows with field tips. A quick detach quiver offers up enough capacity for the four included arrows. The bow features a superior trigger mechanism, and once pulled, it can set off an arrow that flies at 330 feet per second. The bow is easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic design and thumbhole style grip.

If you are looking to hunt big game like bear, buffalo, and moose, the SA Sports Crusader is definitely a bow worthy of your consideration. The price of the bow puts the Sports Crusader in the mid-level range, since it ranges in cost from 385.00 and $499.00. The archer will ultimately find the bow and its package offer up a great value. The bow, as noted previously, is superior for hunting and it can be used for target practice, but some users of the bow find the Crusader so powerful that it can put an arrow through a target. There is so much power coming from an arrow delivered from the Crusader it can pass into solid wood at a depth of about three inches. The Crusader is a bit on the noisy side due to vibration, but the addition of dampeners, silencers and string suppressors will help in minimizing the sound the bow produces when in use.


The SA Sports Crusader Crossbow is an attractive option for the archer in need of a powerful hunting recurve compound bow. The package that comes with this bow is exceptional, giving the hunter everything needed for the bow’s best use. The crossbow is a bit wide, but its light design still makes it easy to transport. This bow, while usable for target practice, might better serve an archer who is more interested in hunting endeavors; the power of the bow may seem excessive to some archers who seek out less powerful bows for target shooting. Finally, the mid-level price also makes the Crusader a particularly attractive option.