SAS Rage Compound Bow User Review

SAS RageThe SAS Rage is one of the better choices for shooters who would like to develop their shooting capabilities without having to spend a fortune. The high quality and durable compound bow makes it perfect for harnessing your archery abilities. Don’t let the price fool you. It gives you a lot more than you’d expect from an entry level bow. The materials used are of high quality and it fits all the standard upgrades and parts.

The bow sight and arrow rest come with the bow could be better and you might want to consider purchasing an upgrade kit in the future, but for the price of this bow, you can’t really complain too much. The bow is a great bargain that offers an overall great experience for people who are on a budget. If you can’t spend more, then don’t. Purchase the SAS Rage!

This bow is good for beginners and hunters alike.


The bow comes with compressed ABS limbs that will last quite some time. It is a weight of 4.4 pounds, has a draw length of twenty-six to thirty inches, and a draw weight of fifty-five to seventy pounds. It’s maximum speed is 270 FPS, making it great for hunters.

Pros and Cons

The bow is made of very high-quality materials that will make it last for quite some time. It’s a good bow to start within its price range, making it an excellent investment. While the bow looks small, the draw length is surprisingly good for those who of the average stature and the bow allow adjustments in pound pressure and draw length to make sure it fits well with the shooter. The bow looks very sleek and professional and is easy to set up out of the box.

The draw on this bow is strong, and that’s really the only con about this bow.


The limbs are held in their spot with the back pivoting limb pockets, which have a sturdy link with stiff tolerances for improved accuracy. The riser gives the bow a curb appeal look, and the number of cutouts in the riser provides this compound bow with a waffle look. When the string’s pulled back, the bow has around fifty-five to seventy pounds of force, depending on the setting you choose. Al it takes is one turn of the limb bolt to increase or decrease the weight by five pounds. Once the string is released, the arrow is launched at a speed of 270 FPS.

Hunting and Competition Shooting

The SAS Rage is probably not that good for shooting competitions because it can be a bit tiring to use, but it would be good for the experienced hunter. The bow is precise and has a let off of seventy percent, and it’s relatively quiet. You won’t scare away the game with this bow!

Age Range

The bow is definitely for men who are able to draw back a heavy bow, so it’s not something that smaller framed women or youths should be trying it. This bow was definitely built for hunters who are taking the time to draw back, aim and want a strong KE behind the arrow.

In Conclusion

The SAS Rage is a good bow out of the box for someone who is experienced with bows and knows they can handle a strong draw. It’s also for those who are looking for a good bargain when it comes to compound bows. Overall, it’s a good buy; just realize that it takes a bit of strength to use this bow.