TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe Review: The Ultimate High End Crossbow

TenPoint Carbon XtraIf you are in the market for a high-end bow, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is one of the leading bows on the market. This bow lands in the high-end category because it is typically priced between $1727.00 and $2,720.00. With a pretty posh price tag, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe may not be the best investment for a brand new archer, but the serious archer who has an intense passion for archery may find the price of the TenPoint crossbow more than worth the investment.


The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe achieves speeds of 345 feet per second. The bow has a carbon barrel, a thumbhole stock that’s laminated, and an Acu Draw Crank Cocking Aid. The exterior of the crossbow is sleek and attractive. The model is fitted with a 7/8-inch machine dovetail on which a Range Master Pro Scope is mounted. The price of the scope that comes with this bow is $300.00 if you were to buy it separately. It has five calibrated dots for 20, trough 60 feet in 10-foot increments, and three duplex crosshairs. The scope has illuminated and non-illuminated features. The exterior of the scope is made of durable aluminum.

The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is light, compact enough for travel, and it comes with a high-quality storage case. The crossbow is also airline approved. The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe weighs in at about 7.3 pounds so it is easy to transport to your tree stand or favorite hunting spot. To lend a greater degree of ease of transport to this device, you can make use of the included TenPoint Branded Sling featuring a non-slip design, adjustable straps, and custom swivels.


The package that comes with this compound crossbow is nothing short of massive. The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe comes with an amazing package. You get a quiver bracket so you can side mount the quiver and the bracket is ambidextrous so you can mount it to either side. The quiver features a fast disconnect lever. You get a total of six ten point 20 inch Pro Hunter Elite Bolts, broad heads, and lighted nocks. You get an additional six ten point carbon 20-inch bolts with field points on them for target practice.

When you buy the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe, it comes with a care kit to ensure the longevity of your equipment. You get the carry case, trigger lube, flight rail lube, string wax, and a precision oiler. You also get the Bowjax Noise Dampening Kit, an instructional DVD serving as an owner’s guide, a staff shooter field cap, and a grip guard for additional safety. You even get to maintenance certificates that are valued at $99.00 for each certificate.

An investment in the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe assures you have a bow that works well for small game hunting as well as hunting for elk, deer, bear, and moose. Those who use a crossbow for target shooting only will also appreciate the impressive accuracy, speed, and power of this model.

Ease of Assembly

The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe comes with a printed owner’s manual and a DVD, both of which offer instructions about the assembly and use of the bow. The setup of the bow is fairly straight forward. You can attach the prod to the bow’s stock. Attach the quiver mount, and put the scope on the bow. The Bowjack noise-dampers can then be installed to ensure the absolute quiet operation of the crossbow. With the dampener kit, you can minimize the decibel level and make noise duration shorter. The kit comes with barrel dampeners, a retention spring dampener, and limb vibration dampeners.


The accuracy of this bow is amazing. Even at a distance of 80 or more yards from the target, the impact of the bolt is powerful and dead on accurate. The bow is fitted with a flawlessly polished bolt rail that produces absolutely no friction whatsoever against the bolt’s acceleration. You can easily take down and Elk or deer even if you are at 70 yards distance. The SteddyEddy™ monopod is made of aluminum and allows for an even easier shot. The monopod allows for motion free shooting with the bow.


If you want a crossbow with a massive package that matches the massive price tag, but that is built to impress, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe serves as the ultimate crossbow investment. A model best for the skilled archer, this bow comes with everything you possibility need for an accurate hunt or target shooting session. Appreciated for its sleek design, durability, and a long list of exceptional accessories, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is a top notch compound crossbow for the archer’s investment.