The Barnett Quad Edge: A Crossbow With an Exceptional Value

Barnett Quad Edge CrossbowThe Barnett Quad Edge Crossbow is actually a rebirthing of the Barnett Quad 400 with a few tweaks to the crossbow, as the new model offers up greater speed and a more practical design. The Quad Edge is an exceptional value for the price too, as it is a mid-level priced crossbow package ranging in price from $415.00 and $499.00. The Barnett Quad Edge comes with a high definition camo exterior, but you can also get the model in black. The bow is fitted with a cable system and a strong, long-lasting Crosswire® string, and the composite stock on the Quad Edge is lightweight. This bow has a more compact limb design and you can utilize a crank cocking device with the unit if you desire to do so.


The Quad Edge comes with a magnesium riser and a 7/8” Picatinny Rail that is CNC machined. The bow is fitted with finger reminders, an anti-vibration foot stirrup, and for ease of holding the bow, pass-through foregrip features. The Barnett Quad Edge is sold with three bolts, a quiver for transporting bolts, and a scope for sighting a target or live prey at a distance.

This crossbow has an axle-to-axle measurement of 21 inches. The bow has a 150-pound draw weight as well as a 14.75-inch power stroke. In terms of length, the bow measures 36 inches in all, but it still remains light at a total weight of 6.9 pounds. The Quad Edge is, therefore, the best bow for transporting to a tree stand, ground-based hunting sight, or for target shooting practice with field points. When an arrow flies from the bow, it moves at 340 feet per second with 103-foot pounds of kinetic energy.


The Quad Edge is fitted with an anti-vibration foot stirrup: This helps minimize any noise produced by vibration when the bow is in use. The cheek piece of the bow is removable so the user has the option of installing a crank cocking device, which is sold separately from the unit. In the stock, the archer will find bushings that are integrated for ease of crank cocking device-to-stock connectivity. If you don’t want to connect the crank cocking device, you have the option of using the built-in stock compartment for carrying tools like your arrow wrench, lube, spare string, and Allen keys right inside the cheek rest of the bow.

The trigger mechanism on the Quad Edge is an Metal Injected Mold trigger (MIM) ensuring the tightest tolerances and an ultra smooth, high-quality 3.5-pound trigger pull. The archer can count on tighter groups and reduced jerking when the bow is in use. The bow also hosts an anti dry fire feature: This will prevent the archer from shooting the bow if an arrow is not in place. The prevention of dry fire will help in preventing equipment or personal damage. When an archer invests in the Barnett Quad Edge, the bow comes complete with three Headhunter 22-inch bolts and a three-arrow capacity quiver that is lightweight and makes for easy draw of the arrows.

Safety & Bow Accuracy

An investment in the Barnett Quad is a worthwhile option, whether you are new to archery or you are an avid archer with years of experience behind you. The bow features a tactical style and delivers up all the power a hunter needs for a successful hunt. The inclusion of the anti-dry feature, tight trigger mechanism, and the ergonomic design of the bow’s grip lend to the bows overall safety. The finger guard and the pass-through for-grip will keep your fingers safe from injury when you arrow releases from the bow.

The Barnett Quad Edge delivers a blistering fast, deadly shot with remarkable accuracy: Part of the reason for this bow’s accuracy is attributed to its parallel limb structure and compact front end. The bow is suitable even for dealing with big game with its impressive power and speed. The riser is made of Carbonlite material and this makes it lighter while shifting the bow’s point of balance nearer to the archer’s shoulder: This feature leads to even greater off hand accuracy.


If you are searching for a mid-level bow, the Barnett Quad Edge is well-known for serving up an ultra-light design, great price, and superior performance overall. The 150-pound draw weight is modest, and the speed of 340 fps is perfect for hunting larger game. If you are already an archer, the Quad Edge is a terrific model to add to your growing arsenal of bow equipment. If you are new to the sport, the Barnet Quad Edge is an exceptional bow choice: One that promises to last for years to come.