The Best Bow Cases on the Market

If you’ve made the significant investment in buying a recurve bow, compound bow, or crossbow, you are going to want to protect your investment. Without question, one of the easiest ways for caring for your archery equipment, particularly your bow, is to invest in a quality bow case. There are many bow cases to choose from when you are ready to buy, and just as many factors to take under consideration when it comes time to make a buying decision. The type of bow you own will determine the features you will need to demand from the bow case you end up buying.

Bow Case Buying Considerations

best bow cases on the marketThe factors you need to consider when you are making an investment into a bow case for your archery equipment include the value, fit, and the degree of protection the case provides. You should also consider the amount of interior space and/or special compartments and any extras that come with the case you are considering. Finally, you have to make the chief decision as to whether you want a hard case or a soft bow case, each of which can serve you well in certain situations, but may not be ideal for every condition. In the end, you might very well decide to invest in both a soft and a hard case so you have the proper case for every situation or condition you encounter.

When you are toting your bow long distances through the woods and fields, it is best to have a soft case because it adds less weight to the load you have to carry. If, however, you are looking to tote your bow locally or you simply want something to store the bow in for a period of time when it is not in use, a hard case is ideal. A hard case is also a good choice when you are toting your bow around in your vehicle or trunk.

Soft Bow Cases: Advantages & Disadvantages

Soft cases come in a range of designs some featuring camouflage designs. The soft cases on the market today are roomy, made of durable materials, and can fit a variety of different bow styles. Ultimately, you will need to measure your bow to ensure a good fit.

Advantages: A soft case can keep your bow clean and free of debris or dust. It can also prevent some scratches. If the case comes with extra compartments, you can carry all of your gear in your bag. The cases are often water resistant. You will find soft cases very lightweight so they add little stress to the load you have to carry around already.

Disadvantage: What you save in terms of weight with the soft case, you lose in terms of the degree of protection the case provides. With a soft case in tote, you still have to be careful how you carry the case, as it cannot handle being banged or knocked around like a hard case can handle. There is some padding inside the case’s interior, but it is not enough to allow you to be carefree as you tote your bow around. You may also have to buy a separate container for holding all your arrows.

Hard Bow Cases: Advantages & Disadvantages

The hard cases on the market ensure solid protection for your archery equipment. Many cases are made with a compact design, and offer room for your bow and arrows alike. The interior of the case is either padded or shaped in such a way as to prevent the movement of your equipment once it is inside the case. Some cases have foam pieces that fit snuggly into place to ensure that nothing moves when you place it in the appropriate holding position. Hard cases also come with locking features to protect your equipment from theft.

Advantages: You don’t have to worry about anything falling on your bow or banging into it and damaging the bow’s structure. A hard case also supplies your equipment with some water protection. If you are looking for something to tuck away your equipment for the long term, a hard case is your best bet.

Disadvantages: The hard case doesn’t bend or flex easily so you can stuff other equipment in the bag or little incidentals. You can expect a hard case to weigh more than a soft one so it will add to the load you have to bear. Some cases require that you dismantle your equipment before you put it in the case, which means it has to be put back together every time you want to use it.

Look for cases made with exceptional materials. When it comes to a hard case, look for a model that is airline approved: This means that it can take a pretty good beating, as if it were being pushed and knocked around like luggage during travel. Make sure the case has a durable handle(s) and that the hinges are made of quality, heavy duty metal. To keep everything in the case protected, seek out a case that has plenty of padding or foam materials inside. If you have children in the home or you don’t want people getting access to your bow, you’re going to want a hard case with a locking system.

Recommended Cases

The 40 inch Hard Archery Hunting Bow

Ideal for a compound bow, this hard case is attractive, clean, and functional. It will also hold your tool kit, shooting gloves, bow trigger, quiver, and more. The case measures 40.75 inches by 17 1/8 inches by 7.25 inches in terms of exterior dimensions. Inside the case is a foam layer that is 5.5 inches in thickness to ensure the proper protection of your equipment. The case has corners that are reinforced, a sturdy handle for toting the case around and it features a hinge system. If looking for added security, the case has latches that are lockable. The exterior of the case is crafted out of durable aluminum materials.

Plano 10630 Bow Guard SE

The Plano 10630 Bow Guard SE allows for quiver storage and it has foam retainers to hold arrows into position. The interior is fitted with high-density foam. If you need additional security, the case has padlock tabs. The inside of the case sports strings and limbs that keep your bow from moving around once you place it inside. The unit’s exterior measures 44.6 inches by 20.4 inches by 8.7 inches. The price is affordable, and the unit makes an excellent choice for long-term bow storage.

The Soft Case: Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case

The Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case is a soft case with a soft exterior and two storage pockets. The quality of this soft case is tested to ensure the product’s durability. The bow compartment is made of semi-rigid materials, and the unit comes fitted with a sling with adjustable features. This case will work with most crossbows and it even makes room for a scope.