The Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow is a Great Entry-Level Option

The Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow with a realtree camo exterior is a sporty looking crossbow with a reasonable entry-level price tag. The bow has a price range of $254.00 and $370.00. This model is perfect for the archer on the hunt for a crossbow capable of high speeds, the veteran archer, and the new hunter looking for a bow that offers up great control, accuracy, and safety. The crossbow is ready to shoot once you follow the brief steps to assemble it. The Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow is perfect for hunting bear, elk, deer, small game, and it’s also for target practice and archery competitions.

The Package

When you invest in the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow package, you get the equipment you need to go about making the bow ideal for any archery situation. The bow comes with four carbon arrows, a sling, a rope-cocking device, and a quiver with a six-arrow capacity. The red dot scope makes seeing prey or a target easier, and the owner’s manual makes for an easy mastering of the bow’s features. Whether you use the manual to assemble the bow or you use the manufacturer’s videos on the web, you’ll find the assembly of the Velocity Lionheart a breeze. The full assembly, if done correctly, takes less than 12 minutes. Once the cable slide is installed, the stock gets attached to the bow limbs, and the footstep is installed after the latter attachment. Once you have to bow together you can mount to scope, quiver, and you can then attach the sling.

Design and Power

The red dot scope that comes with the bow is an attractive accessory that’s easy enough to sight in within four shots. At point blank range, this bow delivers 310 feet per second along with 85-foot pounds of kinetic energy. The bow’s lightweight design makes it weigh all of 7.5 pounds. It is easy to tote to your tree stand or ground site without exhausting yourself before the hunt. This means you can hunt and still have enough energy to retrieve your kill! This bow will give you enough power to take down an elk with impressive ease at 45 yards.

The bow is crafted with a 175-pound draw weight so you will want to use the included rope-cocking device when drawing the bow. If you don’t like the rope-cocking device you can always opt for the universal crank device instead. You will find a crank cocking device will readily connect to the butt stock of the Velocity Lionheart. Drawing back the bow will prove the draw is not only consistent, but smooth, and this bow, with its ambidextrous safety feature along with the dry fire inhibitor ensures greater safety, and a lower chance of bow damage or unintentional self-injury.

This bow is crafted with quad limbs made of fiberglass material. The riser is CNC machined. The stock’s finish is flawlessly applied. You may want to invest in some sound and vibration dampeners however, as the bow is a bit noisy just before the firing, during the firing, and once the arrow is released. Bear in mind, even with noise dampening accessories installed, the Velocity Lionheart will still produce some degree of noise. This makes the bow a better option for the skilled hunter instead of the neophyte. The trigger release mechanism is at a crisp 4 pounds. The bow comes with a full five-year warranty.

While not a top of the line upper market bow, the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow makes a solid addition to anyone’s bow collection. For a new hunter learning how to shoot a bow, an investment in field points will be necessary as the bow does not come sold with practice points. This bow delivers for the adept hunter with coveted power while still giving the neophyte hunter plenty of punch.


In terms of price the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow will certainly appeal to the new archer and that’s a great buy if the bow is to be used on the target range. If the Velocity Lionheart will be used for the hunt, it is better off in the hands of a skilled hunter who can get a shot in with one shot only. The bow is noisy is likely to alert the live prey to the presence of a hunter. A skilled hunter is more likely to be able to make a fast, ethical kill with the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow. All in all, the Lionheart is a spirited model worth every penny spent.