Reviews of the Best Crossbows for 2017

When checking out the market for the best crossbow to fit your needs, the expanse of options is overwhelming. The following guide contains information about how to choose the best crossbow for every situation. You will also find a concise breakdown of crossbows to fit all budgets. This guide will provide a clear understanding of a crossbow’s capabilities, the features that are most coveted, and familiarize you with some of the best brands of crossbows on the market today.

The #1 Crossbow We Recommend

Barnett JackalIt is nearly impossible to pick a single crossbow to recommend, especially considering the wide range of options. But, if we had to do it, our #1 pick would be the Barnett Jackal. While it is moderately priced, it is also an extremely high quality weapon that fulfills most shooter’s needs. The Barnett Jackal is one of the top sellers on the market and has excellent reviews from both customers and professionals.

Best Crossbow for Hunting

TenPoint Carbon XtraThe TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe crossbow featuring ACUDraw is a top of the line crossbow ideal for hunting conditions. Priced around $2,700.00, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is an upper-level choice featuring all the coveted bells and whistles. The bow has a speed of 345 feet per second, and a laminated stock with a thumbhole for comfort while aiming the bow at prey. The unit is sold with a Range master Pro Scope for ease of visibility and comes with a crank cocking aid. Without question, this high-performance crossbow with a stock of heirloom quality proves a screamer delivering a high speed, accurate shot. It is a strong, durable crossbow that shoots 20-inch bolts.

If the sticker shock of the Carbon Xtra sounds a bit much for you, you should consider the Barnett Jackal. With it’s 150 lb draw weight and 315 fps shooting speed it is more than capable of handling game animals. It also is reasonably priced, and has over 500 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.2 stars.

Best Tactical Crossbow

SAS 185 TacticalThe SAS 185 Pound Tactical Compound Crossbow is an ideal option for a tactical bow with a mid-level price. The bow is affordable, powerful, and well designed. The listing price is between $400 and $600.00. The SAS 185-Pound Tactical Compound Crossbow comes with the capability of shooting bolts 335 feet per second and has a 185-pound draw weight. The tactical stock is an AR style and the foregrip is adjustable with five positions. Additionally, the SAS 185 Pound Tactical Compound Crossbow comes with an anti-dry fire system. The kit comes complete with safety glasses, rail lube, a rope cocking device, a crossbow sling, a 4X32 scope, aluminum arrows, and a quiver.

Best Youth Crossbow

Velocity Lionheart Youth CrossbowThe most impressive youth bow on the market today is the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow, a bow promising longevity and considerable durability. First, the reasonable affordability makes the crossbow a practical option, the price ranging between $250.00 and $370.00. The bow offers a high-speed shot and comes complete and ready to use. The limbs are made of fiberglass with a rail made of aluminum. The crossbow’s speed is 310 feet per second. The bow comes complete with a quiver that can hold up to six bolts, padded sling, three-dot sight, roller assist cocking rope, and four bolts in all. Even veterans will appreciate the features of the Lionheart.

Most Powerful Crossbow

Barnett GhostThe Barnett Ghost 410 BAR-78228 CRT is one of the most powerful crossbows you can buy, and the price is exceptional for a bow of this quality. The speed of the bow conquers 410 feet per second, sending a bolt screaming toward its target. The draw weight on the bow is 185 pounds. The bow has a mid to upper-level price between $875.00 and $1,200.00 for the unit. The Barnett Ghost 410 BAR-78228 CRT comes complete with a 3X32 Scope, talon sling, three bolts, a quiver, and a rope-cocking device. The bow features a riser made of Carbonlite® materials, thereby offering a five to one safety factor and the ideal balance between speed and weight.

Best Crossbow for the Money

Barnett Wildcat C6The Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow is a great bow at an affordable price. It comes fit with a 4X32 Scope, a composite stock made of lightweight material, and a magnesium riser. The price range of the bow is between $345.00 to $410.00. The bow is capable of shooting a bolt at 320 feet per second. The Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow comes with finger reminders and the foregrip has a pass through feature. An anti-dry fire trigger is included, and the bow’s draw weight is about 140 pounds. It is sold with 20-inch bolts (3 in all), and a three arrow quiver.

Best Crossbow Under $600

Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw CrossbowPriced around $580.00, the Barnett BC (Buck Commander) Raptor Reverse Draw Crossbow (camo exterior) has a form specific geometric design for ease of hand placement repetition. The design of the crossbow allows for elevation of your index finger for the perfect placement, and the perfected design allows for ease of target acquisition. The limb pockets are positioned closer to the bow’s trigger assembly so the bow’s center of gravity shifts nearer to your body and lends to a balanced bolt shot each time. The Barnett BC Raptor Reverse Draw Crossbow shoots a bolt at a speed of 330 feet per second and the bolt is backed by 97-foot pounds of kinetic energy. The butt pad is adjustable and the unit comes with an anti-dry-firing trigger.

Best Crossbow Under $500

Barnett Quad EdgeThe Barnett Quad Edge Crossbow shoots bolts at a speed of 350 feet per second. The model bears a price tag between $429.00 and $499.00. The Barnett Quad Edge is crafted with a riser made of magnesium, finger reminders, a foregrip with pass through features, and comes sold with three bolts, a quiver, and an anti-vibration foot stirrup. The unit has a CNC machined 7/8 Inch Picatinny rail. This bow will also appeal to the consumer who appreciates buying products Made in the USA.

Best Crossbow Under $400

SA Sports CrusaderPriced as an entry-level crossbow beginning around $389.00, the SA Sports Crusader Crossbow is a promising piece of equipment for the avid archer. The limbs are crafted out of compression fiberglass and camo colored. The manufacturer constructs the bow out of durable machined aluminum. The unit comes with the quick detach quiver, anti-dry fire features, and a 4X32 Multi Reticle Scope. Fitted with a 225-pound draw weight, the Crusader features a 13.5-inch power stroke, a precision trigger assembly, ambidextrous auto safety functions, and a rear stock that is lightweight and cleanly designed. This camo-dipped crossbow comes with the assembly hex keys and four 20-inch carbon bolts for firing. Also called the Crusader 330 FPS, the overall weight of the bow is 6.5 pounds.

Best Crossbow Under $300

SA Sports AmbushThe SA Sports Ambush Crossbow has a listed price between $235.00 and $299.00. The bow is light, weighing in at only 6.5 pounds. The limbs are created out of compression fiberglass and the unit comes complete with four bolts, a quiver, and a 4X32 Multi-Reticle Scope as well as a Rope Cocking Device. The model features a 150-pound draw, a large stirrup, and can shoot a bolt at a speed of 285 feet per second. The SA Sports Ambush Crossbow is an ambidextrous option and requires 16-inch 2219 Aluminum arrows or 20 in carbon bolts.

Best Crossbow Under $200

SA Sports Empire TerminatorWith a starting price of $179.00, the SA Sports Empire Terminator is an exceptional entry-level bow. This model is available in a camo or black exterior, has a 175-pound draw, and has a speed of 260 feet per second. The Empire Terminator is lightweight (only 4.5 pounds) making it easy to tote around. Some call the Empire Terminator one of the best values in the industry. The Empire Terminator Crossbow has a quick detach quiver, ambidextrous auto safety, a Precision trigger assembly, scope mount, and the manufacturer’s trademark Gull Wing™ design.

Best Crossbow Brands


Barnett has proven a tremendously successful name in the arena of archery equipment sales. The company has sold as many as a million crossbows to date. Barnett was launched over fifty years ago, and with each passing year works to make improvements on its existing line with groundbreaking patents. Barnett ranks number one in terms of crossbow manufacturers and the company creates bows built for hunting as well as bows known for their efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Barnett is known as the creator of the first compound crossbow, called the Demon, and the Commando Self-Cocking Crossbow.

Barnett JackalThe Barnett Jackal Crossbow is a spectacular specimen in terms of what this company has to offer. The mid-range price makes the bow affordable, with an upper price of about $400.00, and the unit comes complete with a premium red dot sight, bolts, a quiver, a cable system, synthetic string, high-energy wheels, and a military style bow stock. This bow is capable of shooting an arrow at a speed of 315 feet per second and has a draw weight of 150 pounds.


Excalibur is a refreshing player among archery competitors. Rather than focusing on major profits from the archery industry, the company was established by hunters who exude a passion for hunting and enjoy building high-quality crossbows. The brand Excalibur is in no way cheap as the manufacturer places value on quality over affordability. The goal of the manufacturer is to make bows that are accurate, reliable, and efficient. No engineers work for Excalibur, rather the ideas come from those who are familiar first-hand with hunting. The company has been in business since 1983.

Excalibur MatrixThe Excalibur Matrix Crossbow features a 260-pound draw and delivers a speed of 380 feet per second. Excalibur crossbows are the upper-level bows on the market, with a listing price between $1029.99 and $1,099.99. The bow is equipped with an ergo-grip stock meaning it is ergonomically designed to ensure a proper grip for maximum comfort and minimal risk of injury. This recurve bow promises functionality, reliability, blazing bolt speeds, and a quiet shot. The bow comes with a Tact-Zone compact crossbow scope.


In 2012, TenPoint saw its 20th year in the business of selling archery equipment. The company is headed up by Richard L Bednar, who serves as the CEO, Chairman, and President. Rick’s father is Bill Bednar: The Archery Hall of Famer, and his mother, Edith, is the Ohio-based Portage Archery Center’s founder. Rick and his sisters Joanna and Cindy operate TenPoint as a family business. TenPoint has a number of innovations under its belt, including the 1995 patented VibraCush®: a bow to barrel sound dampener. The company also created the Dry Fire Inhibitor, a mechanism made specifically for the prevention of accidental firing. Since 1995, TenPoint has gotten 29 US patents, two Canadian patents, and now has at least 19 more in pending status. TenPoint also acquired Horton Archery and the Wicked Ridge line in the acquisition.

Tenpoint Stealth FX4The TenPoint Stealth FX Crossbow has a starting price of around $1,270.00 and an uppermost price of about $1,300.00. The bow can shoot speeds up to 370 feet per second. The archer gets an impressive and unparalleled level of maneuverability with the TenPoint Stealth FX Crossbow because of the bow’s lightweight construction. This crossbow weighs 6.8 pounds in total. The Stealth FX is one of the sleekest, most compact, and shortest crossbows TenPoint designs.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3Also, Tenpoint now sells Wicked Ridge models with ACU-52 features. The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 has a listing price that is between $500.00 and $550.00. The Wicked Ridge can shoot bolts at a speed of 330 feet per second. The bow only weighs 6.6 pounds and has a 3.5-pound trigger, a quiet shot, and a 165-pound draw. The body of the bow features the Mossy Oak® Treestand® camouflage pattern, thereby making it a perfect choice for hunting. The bow’s riser is made of aluminum materials and features cutouts that minimize the weight of the bow while simultaneously increasing the crossbow’s strength. The dry fire inhibitor feature is also included with the addition of Tenpoint’s DFI.

SA Sports

Mark N. Ambrose is the founder of SA Sports, LLC. Ambrose has at least two decades of industry-related experience, particularly with the crossbow, and remains an avid outdoors enthusiast. SA Sports makes premier outdoor gear and crossbows. The company keeps innovation and customer value at the heart of every product it creates. The current line of archery equipment includes the Ripper, Vendetta, Fever, Crusader, Ambush, and the Empire Recon, Terminator, Dragon, Beowulf, and Aggressor. SA Sports offers a one-year warranty with all of its equipment.

SA Sports VendettaPriced between $600.00 and $650.00, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow is an affordable mid-level bow with a superior design. The Vendetta has a draw weight equal to 200 pounds and weighs 8.5 pounds in total. Each shot from the SA Sports Vendetta moves at 375 feet per second. You can expect top-notch performance from the SA Sports Vendetta and get a series of features that make the crossbow a worthy investment, some of which are associated with the far pricier models on today’s market. The SA Sports Vendetta comes with an ambidextrous auto safety feature, a 4×32 illuminated and multi-range crossbow scope, a 3.5-pound Precision Ultra Refined crossbow trigger pull, and anti-dry fire protection. The unit is sold with four-carbon bolt, a quick-detach quiver, hex keys for assembly, a padded shoulder sling, and a rope-cocking device along with the included scope.

How to Choose the Best Crossbow for your Needs

In this section, we will cover the factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a crossbow, as well as provide a general overview of crossbow features and use.

History and More

Crossbows are an innovation first occurring in the 4th century B.C.E. Their ease of use and accuracy of striking a target led to the adoption of the weapon for use in battle. Circa 209 B.C.E., China had an army in which every soldier was armed with a crossbow, all 50,000 of them. If you want to read more about the history of crossbows, check out the Wikipedia entry on the weapon.

all about crossbowsThe crossbow’s greatest asset is the simplicity of its use. The user can aim the bow and fire, just like using a gun, and the learning curve for using crossbows is fairly mild. The same was not the case with the Welsh longbow, however, as the bow was more difficult to draw back and to control the direction of the arrow.

So many crossbow options are available, it is not uncommon for the neophyte archer, or even the individual experienced in archery, to be confused about where to begin in the shopping process. In fact, in the past two decades alone, the equipment available for archery, whether for competitive or hunting purposes, has changed dramatically. Brand new bow designs, arrows, strings, sights, and materials are making archery equipment more durable and diverse than ever before.

Crossbow Types

Two chief forms of this innovative weapon are in use today: the compound and the recurve crossbow. Each bow type has pros and cons, and understanding these will affect the choice you make when looking for the best crossbow for your individualized needs.


Recurve crossbows were in use before compound crossbows. In terms of bow design, it becomes easy to identify the recurve configuration of a bow: the limbs of the bow will form an inverted letter “U” and the end of each limb will curve out and a bit backward. On a compound crossbow, however, the limbs do not curve at the ends. The recurve crossbow is equipped with few breakable components. The recurve does not have the asymmetrical wheel or round wheel components found on a compound model. The bow is simple to maintain and if the string becomes damaged or breaks, it can be easily replaced. Recurve bows don’t have a cocking mechanism, which makes cocking the bow a bit more difficult. The absence of the cocking mechanism makes the recurve model slightly less accurate than the compound crossbow. Between the recurve and compound crossbow, the recurve is the unit with the quieter shot. Beginners looking for a suitable bow will do well by the recurve crossbow, it is less expensive and generally easier to use.


If having a strong bow is of great importance, the compound crossbow is the better option. Recurve crossbows end up being weaker because they have greater width than the compound bow. The wider bow makes recurve bows more difficult to handle. The compound version of the crossbow is fitted with pulleys that attach to the limbs. The bowstring is shorter and drawing the bow is easy due to the inclusion of a cam system. The cam system makes for easy drawing of the bow. The system permits the storage of energy, and it helps to make the compound crossbow more powerful. Bolts released from a compound bow fly faster and a cocking mechanism makes for easy bow drawing. With shorter limbs, the compound crossbow is ideal for the archer who covets a bow that is easy to manage, especially in tight areas.

Bear in mind that the extra components on the bow, like the pulley system and camshaft, add to the weight of the bow. In addition, more components means more parts that potentially need replacing in the future. In terms of price, an archer can expect to pay more for the compound model.

Modern Innovations

Modern design has resulted in a change of material used for crafting the crossbow. Just a few decades ago, every crossbow was fit with limbs made of durable steel. Current models are made of composite materials or fiberglass. Split-limb composite builds lend to the equalization of stress and a reduction in the bow’s weight.

Modern bow stocks are laminated wood and plastic with reinforcing metal components. Molded stocks allow for greater variation of design and style. If looking for a bow with a lighter weight, the archer can choose one with a skeletal stock to contribute to the weight reduction. Bear in mind, however, that heavier crossbows have greater firing accuracy; heavyweight contributes to bow stability.


powerful crossbowsCrossbows are ranked according to pull weights ranging from 80 to 200 pounds. The string is stressed and in turn propels a bolt at a speed up to 340 feet per second. For hunting deer, a 150-pound draw weight is sufficient and should be The latter easy enough to accomplish when making use of the foot stirrup. Using a rope cocking aid lends to greater accuracy and an evenness of the string drawback. Plus, it lessens the weight of the pull by as much as half. If you opt for a crank cocking aid, it takes between 10 to 15 pounds of pressure to cock the bow. The crank aid is cumbersome and slow.

Crossbow Uses

Its good consider why and how you will be using the crossbow. Do you plan to use it for hunting game, target practice, or competitions? There are different bows better suited for different uses. If you plan to use the equipment for target practice with field points or arrowheads, the size of the crossbow and the weight of the unit do not play a serious role, since you can fire the arrows while remaining stationary. In this scenario it will also be easier to avoid the tight spaces where you might have trouble maneuvering a crossbow. Alternatively, if you plan on hunting prey, it becomes necessary to buy a durable crossbow, preferably one with a scope for ease of spotting prey during the hunt.

Draw Weight

Before buying a crossbow, know how you plan to use it. The draw weight for a crossbow appropriate for hunting will differ from the draw weight one needs for target shooting. To that end, some states have issued laws regulating the minimum draw weight a crossbow can have as well as the weight of the bolts it uses. You will need to look into the acceptable draw weight for hunters/archers in your residing state. The average range of draw weight noted in varying state regulations falls between 75 and 125 pounds. This amount is sufficient to kill a white tail deer when within a moderate range of the animal. The crossbows crafted by leading manufacturers in the industry feature draw weights between 150 and 175 pounds on average, with some bows having a bit less in terms of weight or climbing as high as 200 pounds for a draw weight. The higher the poundage, the faster the shot a crossbow delivers.


Its not a bad idea to find out a bit about the crossbow manufacturer. The more you know about the company who creates the bow, the more you know about determining bow quality. Check out the official websites of crossbow manufacturers who make the bows you are considering for purchase. Additionally, look into the company’s reputation, the year of launch, and make sure you use some research tools to see what other archers are saying about the various crossbow brands.


The amount of noise a crossbow produces is of particular importance when planning to hunt live game. Keep in mind that you cannot escape making some kind of noise with a crossbow, but there are some models that prove quieter than others. For instance, a that bow features cam mechanisms will be noisier than a bow that does not. A compound bow is often noisier than a recurve crossbow. If the crossbow features parallel limbs, it will likely have a quieter shot.

In the event you are dissatisfied with the noise level of the crossbow you buy, there are accessories to muffle the noise. These accessories are made for the purposes of diminishing the amount of vibration generated by the crossbow’s limbs once a shot is fired. The archer must attach noise-dampening accessories directly to the limbs to quiet down the movement.


If you are concerned about the amount of speed your bow will deliver, you should opt for a compound crossbow rather thane recurve models. The compound crossbow is capable of storing a greater amount of energy. Using the correct bolts with your bow will also influence the speed of each shot. When buying a new bow, the bow’s manufacturer provides you with information on bolt size. If bolts are not the correct size, your bolt firing will end with erratic results. Even worse, if you use an excessively light bolt with a powerful crossbow, it can end up breaking the bolt or causing potential damage to your equipment.

When it comes to the velocity of the crossbow, references of speed will appear as feet per second or FPS in a crossbow’s description. This figure explains the amount of force behind each arrow. Speeds over 200 feet per second are ideal for hunting small game, even though you can also use such crossbows for target practice. If you want to hunt big game, you will need a crossbow that has a velocity ranging from 201 to 410 feet per second. The latter velocity range is commonly found in upper level crossbows.

If you choose a crossbow that delivers considerable speed it will likely be noisier than a crossbow with a lower velocity. In addition, the higher speed crossbows will most certainly deliver a harsher recoil when you fire a shot. The main difference between a crossbow that shoots 200 fps and a crossbow that shoots 350 fps is that the latter will deliver a trajectory that is flatter once you fire the weapon. The flat trajectory lends to the ease of making distance judgments. Many manufacturers increase the speed a crossbow can deliver by increasing the bow’s weight, power stroke, and by adding cams. The tradeoff for additional speed includes increased recoil intensity, and a louder shot.


Weight is an important factor to consider. Firstly, if you plan to use the bow for hunting, its important to consider the portability of the unit. That said, you will find heavier crossbows lend to greater shot accuracy. This is because the weight of the bow stills the bow and causes less vibration that lighter options. Hefty crossbows are recommended for the novice seeking to get an accurate shot. As an archer, you need to consider your physical limitations as well, and what bow weight you can handle with the most ease. Bear in mind that if a crossbow is excessively light, it can cause the bow to have a harsher recoil when fired, and in fact, can be more difficult to control. In contrast, a crossbow that is too heavy can be tiresome and difficult to control.


crossbow accessoriesWhile shopping around for a crossbow, some will be sold with a kit containing everything for immediate use. Others may require specific accessories such as rope-cocking devices or a scope. Take the time to price and compare accessories so you can create the ultimate crossbow setup.


Its important the trigger of your bow is of good quality. The creep affect and trigger poundage play a role in how accurately the crossbow shoots. A trigger without any creep is one that essentially releases a bolt with no warning or travel before release. The latter type of trigger and creep combination can prove dangerous. In contrast, a trigger with excessive creep can become difficult to squeeze or set off with any level of consistency. The premium triggers on the market lend to the accuracy of your shot because they have optimal poundage and travel.

Crossbow Buying Tips

Tip #1: Check out more than one crossbow option before you buy. Make sure you take the time to examine several different brands before you make your final purchase. Before ordering a bow online, you might want to visit a local dealer so you can compare prices, try holding the different crossbows to see how they feel, and talk to the dealer to get some advice about a crossbow investment. Whether you buy from a shop online or in-store, it is your job to do all the comparative research in terms of features and price. It is better to take your time to discover all the options available than to act on the first good deal you find. There may be an even better deal waiting for you in continued search.

Tip #2: Make sure you know the laws regulating archery. It is important to reflect on the kind of bow you desire, the type of archery you will perform, and what you are willing to spend on your bow investment. As a future archer, you must find out about state and local laws pertaining to bow use and adhere to all state and federal hunting regulations. Each state has varying laws regarding crossbow use.

Tip #3: When shopping for a crossbow, do not forego quality for a lower price tag. There are crossbows for sale that can meet any kind of budget imaginable. It is of incredible importance that you take the time to assess a crossbow’s features, what others have to say about a crossbow, and the reputation of the bow’s manufacturer before you buy. Do not let a low price rush you into buying before fully considering the investment. Durability and longevity are key considerations to get the most for your money.

Tip #4: Consider purchasing a complete package instead of an individual crossbow. In addition to the bow itself there are packages containing everything you need to get started with archery. Packages often contain the crossbow, quivers, bolts, and scopes. Of course, the initial pricing for a package will be higher than the price for a bow alone, but packages can save you a considerable amount of shopping time. Additionally, packages are pre-packed by the manufacturer which ensures that all the bolts are the correct size and weight.

Tip #5: Review the crossbow’s warranty, if applicable. Check to see if a warranty comes with your purchase, and if so, how long it lasts and what it covers. Knowing what a warranty covers is crucial since some warrantees have clauses that include an explanation of actions that are not allowed in terms of the care/repair of the crossbow. If you violate the terms of the warranty, you will likely lose the coverage entirely.


Due to the precision a crossbow can provide, crossbow equipment is in high demand. To address this high demand, manufacturers create a variety of unique crossbow models which thereby increases the number of options a consumer has to consider. When shopping for a crossbow, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. The key to finding the best crossbow for your needs is in understanding different bow styles and what they as well as how certain accessories work in compatibility to a particular bow. In depth research of bows and accessories (in terms of both cost and features) is imperative to find a crossbow that will serve your needs for many years to come.

The Barnett Quad Edge: A Crossbow With an Exceptional Value

Barnett Quad Edge CrossbowThe Barnett Quad Edge Crossbow is actually a rebirthing of the Barnett Quad 400 with a few tweaks to the crossbow, as the new model offers up greater speed and a more practical design. The Quad Edge is an exceptional value for the price too, as it is a mid-level priced crossbow package ranging in price from $415.00 and $499.00. The Barnett Quad Edge comes with a high definition camo exterior, but you can also get the model in black. The bow is fitted with a cable system and a strong, long-lasting Crosswire® string, and the composite stock on the Quad Edge is lightweight. This bow has a more compact limb design and you can utilize a crank cocking device with the unit if you desire to do so.


The Quad Edge comes with a magnesium riser and a 7/8” Picatinny Rail that is CNC machined. The bow is fitted with finger reminders, an anti-vibration foot stirrup, and for ease of holding the bow, pass-through foregrip features. The Barnett Quad Edge is sold with three bolts, a quiver for transporting bolts, and a scope for sighting a target or live prey at a distance.

This crossbow has an axle-to-axle measurement of 21 inches. The bow has a 150-pound draw weight as well as a 14.75-inch power stroke. In terms of length, the bow measures 36 inches in all, but it still remains light at a total weight of 6.9 pounds. The Quad Edge is, therefore, the best bow for transporting to a tree stand, ground-based hunting sight, or for target shooting practice with field points. When an arrow flies from the bow, it moves at 340 feet per second with 103-foot pounds of kinetic energy.


The Quad Edge is fitted with an anti-vibration foot stirrup: This helps minimize any noise produced by vibration when the bow is in use. The cheek piece of the bow is removable so the user has the option of installing a crank cocking device, which is sold separately from the unit. In the stock, the archer will find bushings that are integrated for ease of crank cocking device-to-stock connectivity. If you don’t want to connect the crank cocking device, you have the option of using the built-in stock compartment for carrying tools like your arrow wrench, lube, spare string, and Allen keys right inside the cheek rest of the bow.

The trigger mechanism on the Quad Edge is an Metal Injected Mold trigger (MIM) ensuring the tightest tolerances and an ultra smooth, high-quality 3.5-pound trigger pull. The archer can count on tighter groups and reduced jerking when the bow is in use. The bow also hosts an anti dry fire feature: This will prevent the archer from shooting the bow if an arrow is not in place. The prevention of dry fire will help in preventing equipment or personal damage. When an archer invests in the Barnett Quad Edge, the bow comes complete with three Headhunter 22-inch bolts and a three-arrow capacity quiver that is lightweight and makes for easy draw of the arrows.

Safety & Bow Accuracy

An investment in the Barnett Quad is a worthwhile option, whether you are new to archery or you are an avid archer with years of experience behind you. The bow features a tactical style and delivers up all the power a hunter needs for a successful hunt. The inclusion of the anti-dry feature, tight trigger mechanism, and the ergonomic design of the bow’s grip lend to the bows overall safety. The finger guard and the pass-through for-grip will keep your fingers safe from injury when you arrow releases from the bow.

The Barnett Quad Edge delivers a blistering fast, deadly shot with remarkable accuracy: Part of the reason for this bow’s accuracy is attributed to its parallel limb structure and compact front end. The bow is suitable even for dealing with big game with its impressive power and speed. The riser is made of Carbonlite material and this makes it lighter while shifting the bow’s point of balance nearer to the archer’s shoulder: This feature leads to even greater off hand accuracy.


If you are searching for a mid-level bow, the Barnett Quad Edge is well-known for serving up an ultra-light design, great price, and superior performance overall. The 150-pound draw weight is modest, and the speed of 340 fps is perfect for hunting larger game. If you are already an archer, the Quad Edge is a terrific model to add to your growing arsenal of bow equipment. If you are new to the sport, the Barnet Quad Edge is an exceptional bow choice: One that promises to last for years to come.


SA Sports Ambush Review: An Excellent Entry Level Bow for the New Archer

SA Sports Ambush CrossbowThe SA Sports Ambush Crossbow is an entry level priced, recurve crossbow bow with a price ranging from $210.00 to $299.99. The affordability of the model makes it suitable for the beginning archer. An investment in the SA Sports Ambush gives the archer enough power for target practice and hunting deer and elk, but it does not have enough power for moose or bear hunting; this lack of power is why the bow proves more appealing to the neophyte archer. An upper end, more powerful and more expensive bow might appeal more to the avid archery enthusiast.


The SA Sports Ambush features a string that measures 38 inches. From the tip of one limb to the tip of the other, the bow measures a full 28.5 inches in width. If measuring the bow length in the absence of the foot stirrup, the bow measures 35 inches. Since the limbs are compression fiberglass, the bow weighs all of 6.25 pounds. Equipped with a 150-pound draw, this bow delivers an arrow at the speed of 285 feet per second.


The SA Sports Ambush comes equipped with the hex keys and assembly tools one needs to put the parts together quickly. The crossbow comes with a complete package containing a weaver-style scope mount that is adjustable an ambidextrous auto safety feature. To spot prey or a target at a distance, the archer can rely on a powerful scope that comes with the SA Sports Ambush: A 4X32 Multi-Reticle Scope. The rear of the stock is light and made of synthetic materials. The device is compatible with a cocking device, but you have to buy it separately from the crossbow. This bow also features a string system with integrated cable and camo accents.

The archer investing in the SA Sports Ambush is getting a bow that is light, accurate, and easy to transport: The device weighs all of 6.25 pounds. The stirrup on the SA Sports Ambush is large allowing for ease of use. The manufacturer has fitted the bow with aluminum wheels, a vented aluminum barrel, and an automatic safety that works for left or right-hand oriented archers.


The owner’s manual sold with the device makes it easy to put the crossbow together once you pull it out of the box. If the owner’s manual is not quite enough information, you can access a tutorial made available on YouTube as well. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the bow’s assembly.

Speed & Accuracy

This arrow definitely does not serve up top speeds since it delivers an arrow at 285 feet per second if the archer is using 375-grain arrows. As the arrow flies, it puts about 68-foot pounds of kinetic energy into the arrow. This gives the archer plenty of power behind the arrow so it can pierce into a target, but not through it. After sighting in the bow’s scope, the SA Sports Ambush will let the archer strike a target’s bulls eye from about 40 yards with incredible consistency: it is easy to maintain a ¾ inch grouping. Moving out to 60 yards, an archer can easily maintain an inch wide grouping.


The SA Sports Ambush is a great bow if you are deer hunting, but it really does not offer up the amount of power you would need for hunting bigger game. Nevertheless, you will find this bow is light, easy to transport to and from your favorite hunting spot, and is the perfect bow for hunting down that coveted buck, big doe, or wild turkey. Cocking this bow is easy for the archer without the use of an accessory, but the bow does come with a rope cocking device if the archer prefers to use one: Doing so will help enhance the archer’s accuracy, since the device ensures an evenly pulled back string every time the archer draw’s back the string.


If looking for a bow with a spectacular affordability factor, the SA Sports Ambush is the bow of preference. The avid archer and big game hunters may find this bow doesn’t offer quite enough power, but the neophyte archer will find the Sports Ambush an option that’s saves on the wallet while delivering ample power for small game hunting and target practice. The package that comes with the bow promises the archer plenty of accessories to get the best use out of the SA Sports Ambush crossbow: The bow, once enduring a brief 15 minute assembly period and some sighting in of the multi-reticle scope, is ready to use immediately.

SA Sports Crusader Review: An Accurate and Powerful Recurve Crossbow

SA Sports Crusader Crossbow

The SA Sports Crusader Crossbow delivers an arrow at blistering speeds, and gives the archer ample power for hunting both big and small game alike:
This makes the SA Sports Crusader a promising bow for the avid archer, whether out in the woods hunting live prey or out on the range enjoying some target practice. The SA Sports Crusader will even appeal to those archers who participate in competitions, and if the individual is new to archery, the Crusader is a great bow to train with as well. This bow is heavy duty, and its lightweight design makes it a bow easy to transport to one’s tree stand or favorite on-the-ground hunt destination.


The design of the Crusader is sharp: The Next Camo™ limbs, camo stock, and copper rail make it easy for the hunter to blend into the natural environment. The limbs are made out of compression fiberglass, and the Crusader features a durable machined aluminum riser. The rear stock hosts a skeletal design. The combination of fiberglass limbs and the skeletal-designed stock ensures the SA Sports Crusader is a lightweight bow weighing all of 6 pounds, 8 ounces. A larger foot stirrup ensures greater ease of bow draw back.

This model comes complete with the hex keys and tools needed for complete assembly. The Crusader has a 225-pound draw weight and a 13.5” power stroke. Without the foot stirrup in place, the bow measures 35 inches in length. The Axle-to-Axle width (cocked width) of this bow is 28.3 inches. The Crusader comes fitted with an ambidextrous auto safety feature, and the bow is ideal for left or right-handed dominant users.


In addition to the durable bow, the Crusader comes with anti-dry-firing features to protect the user from accidental injury or from firing the bow without an arrow. The anti-firing feature also helps in preventing the damage of the bow. The Crusader comes with a rope cocking device, which lends to the ease of drawing back the bowstring. To make transport the of bow comfortable for the archer, the Crusader comes complete with a padded shoulder sling. Also in the package that comes with the SA Sports Crusader is a 4X32 Multi-Yardage, Multi-Reticle Scope for sighting in one’s target or prey. The bow also hosts a weaver-style scope mount.


The bow comes with everything necessary to put it together. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to assemble the model. What’s nice about the Crusader is that it is already strung when you get it. The archer can connect the body to the riser, followed by connecting the foot stirrup and quiver mount. The quiver bracket is the next piece to install, and once completed, the quiver is connected to the installed bracket. Once the bow is together, the scope is connected and the archer must sight it in for accuracy.

Power & Speed

The archer gets four 20-inch long, 100 grain carbon arrows with field tips. A quick detach quiver offers up enough capacity for the four included arrows. The bow features a superior trigger mechanism, and once pulled, it can set off an arrow that flies at 330 feet per second. The bow is easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic design and thumbhole style grip.

If you are looking to hunt big game like bear, buffalo, and moose, the SA Sports Crusader is definitely a bow worthy of your consideration. The price of the bow puts the Sports Crusader in the mid-level range, since it ranges in cost from 385.00 and $499.00. The archer will ultimately find the bow and its package offer up a great value. The bow, as noted previously, is superior for hunting and it can be used for target practice, but some users of the bow find the Crusader so powerful that it can put an arrow through a target. There is so much power coming from an arrow delivered from the Crusader it can pass into solid wood at a depth of about three inches. The Crusader is a bit on the noisy side due to vibration, but the addition of dampeners, silencers and string suppressors will help in minimizing the sound the bow produces when in use.


The SA Sports Crusader Crossbow is an attractive option for the archer in need of a powerful hunting recurve compound bow. The package that comes with this bow is exceptional, giving the hunter everything needed for the bow’s best use. The crossbow is a bit wide, but its light design still makes it easy to transport. This bow, while usable for target practice, might better serve an archer who is more interested in hunting endeavors; the power of the bow may seem excessive to some archers who seek out less powerful bows for target shooting. Finally, the mid-level price also makes the Crusader a particularly attractive option.

Review of the SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow

SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow

The SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow has an exceptional price tag, making it perfect for the brand new archer looking to get familiar with the sport. The bow costs between $160.00 and $199.00. If the archer is seeking a crossbow purchase with a great affordability factor, the Empire Terminator fits the bill. This bow is ideal for small game, deer hunting, elk hunting, and target practice, but it doesn’t have quite enough power for big game like bear and moose.


The Empire Terminator delivers an arrow at a speed of 260 feet per second. The bow has a draw weight of 175 pounds. If you are seeking an ultra light weight bow, the terminator only weighs all of 4.5 pounds, and it is therefore roughly 2 to 2.5 pounds lighter than the average crossbow. No doubt, the weight makes the power suitable for transport to any destination. The power stroke of the SA Sports Empire Terminator is 11-inches and the axle-to-axle measurement is 26 inches. The length of the bow is 35 inches. When you buy the Empire Terminator, you get a bow that is already prestrung. The bow has a full barrel Picatinny rail, a rear stock that is adjustable, and the design allows for a good degree of shooting power. The bow serves up a decent performance, and its camo-colored exterior along with its black-colored Picatinny rail ensure ease of environment immersion when hunting prey. The bow is sold with a rope cocking device, a 4X32 Multi-range scope, and a total of two 16” aluminum arrows.


The Empire Terminator comes with a trigger assembly and Precision Scope Mount. It hosts a Gull Wing™ recurve design and brass string roller seats. The bow comes with an ambidextrous auto safety feature, and it is ideal for left or right-hand dominant individuals. The bow comes complete with a quick detach quiver as well.


As mentioned earlier, the bow is prestrung so the archer doesn’t have to struggle with the effort of trying to string the bow. The bow takes about 20 minutes to put together, including all accessories and parts. The archer has to connect the rear stock and the bow assembly must be mounted to the stock. Once the latter step is completed, the archer has to install the crossbow’s foot stirrup and mount the quiver and scope. The hex keys needed for complete assembly are included with the bow’s package.

Power & Accuracy

An investment in the SA Sports Terminator gives the archer a bow that offers up a good deal of power if the archer wants a bow for small game or target practice. The bow offers up an arrow at 260 fps and 60 foot pounds of kinetic energy. Despite its low level of power, which might make it a less attractive option for the big game hunter, the bow does deliver in terms of great performance and overall accuracy. Once the included sight is sighted in, it is possible to maintain 1/2-inch groups at a distance of 40 yards from one’s target. Moving out 50 to 60 yards distance from one’s selected target, it is possible to maintain one-inch groupings. When using the bow for target practice, it will send an arrow out to plunge into a target deep enough to stick, but not deep enough to travel through the selected target. If the archer relies on arrows featuring 425-grain, the arrow will fly at about 250 feet per second; the arrow will maintain the 60-foot-pounds of energy at point blank range. At about 30 yards, you will have about 55-foot pounds of kinetic energy backing the shot. Ultimately, the bow is ideal for hunting boar, black bears, elk, and deer, but it is not good for hunting Cape buffalo or bigger bears like the Grizzly.


An investment in the SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow is a wise decision for the neophyte archer seeking a dependable, light, easy to use bow. It is an equally wise buy for the archer seeking a bow for target practice or for hunting small game. The bow has an easy draw back when an archer uses the included rope cocking device. They include scope makes picking up the visual of a prey at a distance is simple: The archer can get a clear and crisp sighting of the selected target, even at a distance of 50 or 60 yards out. Ultimately, the Empire Terminator is reliable, powerful, accurate, and amazingly affordable.

The Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow is a Great Entry-Level Option

The Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow with a realtree camo exterior is a sporty looking crossbow with a reasonable entry-level price tag. The bow has a price range of $254.00 and $370.00. This model is perfect for the archer on the hunt for a crossbow capable of high speeds, the veteran archer, and the new hunter looking for a bow that offers up great control, accuracy, and safety. The crossbow is ready to shoot once you follow the brief steps to assemble it. The Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow is perfect for hunting bear, elk, deer, small game, and it’s also for target practice and archery competitions.

The Package

When you invest in the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow package, you get the equipment you need to go about making the bow ideal for any archery situation. The bow comes with four carbon arrows, a sling, a rope-cocking device, and a quiver with a six-arrow capacity. The red dot scope makes seeing prey or a target easier, and the owner’s manual makes for an easy mastering of the bow’s features. Whether you use the manual to assemble the bow or you use the manufacturer’s videos on the web, you’ll find the assembly of the Velocity Lionheart a breeze. The full assembly, if done correctly, takes less than 12 minutes. Once the cable slide is installed, the stock gets attached to the bow limbs, and the footstep is installed after the latter attachment. Once you have to bow together you can mount to scope, quiver, and you can then attach the sling.

Design and Power

The red dot scope that comes with the bow is an attractive accessory that’s easy enough to sight in within four shots. At point blank range, this bow delivers 310 feet per second along with 85-foot pounds of kinetic energy. The bow’s lightweight design makes it weigh all of 7.5 pounds. It is easy to tote to your tree stand or ground site without exhausting yourself before the hunt. This means you can hunt and still have enough energy to retrieve your kill! This bow will give you enough power to take down an elk with impressive ease at 45 yards.

The bow is crafted with a 175-pound draw weight so you will want to use the included rope-cocking device when drawing the bow. If you don’t like the rope-cocking device you can always opt for the universal crank device instead. You will find a crank cocking device will readily connect to the butt stock of the Velocity Lionheart. Drawing back the bow will prove the draw is not only consistent, but smooth, and this bow, with its ambidextrous safety feature along with the dry fire inhibitor ensures greater safety, and a lower chance of bow damage or unintentional self-injury.

This bow is crafted with quad limbs made of fiberglass material. The riser is CNC machined. The stock’s finish is flawlessly applied. You may want to invest in some sound and vibration dampeners however, as the bow is a bit noisy just before the firing, during the firing, and once the arrow is released. Bear in mind, even with noise dampening accessories installed, the Velocity Lionheart will still produce some degree of noise. This makes the bow a better option for the skilled hunter instead of the neophyte. The trigger release mechanism is at a crisp 4 pounds. The bow comes with a full five-year warranty.

While not a top of the line upper market bow, the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow makes a solid addition to anyone’s bow collection. For a new hunter learning how to shoot a bow, an investment in field points will be necessary as the bow does not come sold with practice points. This bow delivers for the adept hunter with coveted power while still giving the neophyte hunter plenty of punch.


In terms of price the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow will certainly appeal to the new archer and that’s a great buy if the bow is to be used on the target range. If the Velocity Lionheart will be used for the hunt, it is better off in the hands of a skilled hunter who can get a shot in with one shot only. The bow is noisy is likely to alert the live prey to the presence of a hunter. A skilled hunter is more likely to be able to make a fast, ethical kill with the Velocity Lionheart Compound Crossbow. All in all, the Lionheart is a spirited model worth every penny spent.

Barnett Wildcat C6 Review: A Value Investment for the Archer

Barnett Wildcat C6The Barnett Wildcat C6 is a reasonably priced crossbow with a starting price between $349.00 and $399.00. Compared to some of the upper-end bows by the same manufacturer, this bow has considerable value, especially to the neophyte archer looking for a solid bow for buying consideration without going overboard in terms of an initial investment. The Barnett Wildcat C6 comes with a decent enough packages that it will be perfect for target shooting or the hunt. It features a composite stock that is light so it makes the bow highly portable. The bow measures from axle to axle 26.25 inches. The bow is also equipped with a riser crafted out of magnesium, so the piece remains durable.


An initial investment in the Barnett Wildcat C6 gets the archer three Headhunter arrows measuring 20 inches each, a lightweight quiver with a three-hour capacity, and a red dot premium sight for easy spotting of a selected target. The Barnett Wildcat C6 can shoot an arrow at a speed of 320 feet per second. It has a 140-pound draw weight and a 13.5-inch power stroke. The entire bow weighs all of seven pounds so it is definitely light enough for the hunt. The bow measures a full 35.75 inches by 21 inches.

In addition to the light composite stock and magnesium rise, the bow has a pass-through fore grip and finger reminders. The latter features ensure an easy grip and a repetitious holding pattern every time the bow is used. Barnett identifies the Wildcat C6 as company tradition citing it as one of its best selling compound bows across all time. The unit is available in black and white or camo. Sometimes you can get the unit with a 4X32 Scope instead of the red dot scope. The bow’s design is reminiscent of the classic wood style of the original Barnett Wildcat sold more than a generation ago. Other than that, the valued pricing is really the only similarity the modern bow has when compared to its predecessor with the same name.


The Wildcat C6 is a boon in terms of its inexpensive price tag, excellent trigger mechanism, and its quiet operation. If the bow hunter is seeking a no frills simple bow, the Wildcat C6 is affordable and a good value for the price overall. The bow is powerful enough for hunting small game, elk, deer, bears, and moose. It is also a good option for target shooting.

The bow itself is quite easy to put together. When in use, the bow can easily handle 400-grain arrows and fire them off at with about 91 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Even if you are firing at something from 80 yards distance, you will only lose just fewer than 10 percent of the kinetic energy this bow has to offer and you will be firing an arrow about 85-foot pounds of energy.

Accuracy and Safety

This bow has a no-frills, straightforward style, but it does not compromise on functionality at all. You will find your eye easily aligns with the bow’s scope because of the improved design of the cheek piece and thumbhole. The bow has flare guards on each side: This gives your fingers extra clearance and the bow a greater degree of security. The fore grip, finger reminders, and bow shape make for a super easy grip of the bow. With hands going in the precise position every time, it guarantees greater accuracy in terms of the archer’s shot.

The trigger mechanism on the bow is easy and has little to travel before it releases cleanly at 3.5 pounds. The archer will find this bow easy to handle, sporty, and impressively accurate. The bow is great when on the range or in the field. With the lightweight body, you can carry the bow around with ease while conserving all of your energy for the hunt and prey retrieval. While the axle-to-axle size is not excessively small nor too large, the bow is still incredibly portable. With a scope featuring several reticles the accuracy of your shot is practically assured.

If seeking a bow that’s quiet, you’ll find the Wildcat C6 doesn’t disappoint. This is because the bow is equipped with a relatively low draw weight. There is minimal noise during the draw, fire, or after the arrow release. If you were to put on additional sound dampeners and vibration controls, this bow would be one silent beast of a weapon.


The beginner and the adept will find the Barnett Wildcat C6 a splendid addition to any collection. The price tag makes it good for the beginner; its raw power makes it ideal for the avid archer. The simplicity of the bow’s design does not in any way compromise the bow’s power. The Wildcat C6 is a bow that gives you plenty of value for the price tag.

Barnett Ghost 410 Review: An Upper-End Bow for the Serious Archer

The Barnett Ghost 410 is a high-end carbonlite crossbow, available in both a black and camo exterior. The price specs are the same no matter what color exterior the archer covets. As a high-end crossbow, the price tag that accompanies the model might deter the new archer seeking a basic bow to get started in the sport. To the adept archer who loves archery, hunting, competitions, or all of the latter, the Barnett Ghost 410 is one of the best bows on the market to date. The price for this unit ranges between $851.00 and $1,999.00, but you will be paying for one of the most powerful bows ever produced: One with an 185-pound draw and one that delivers an arrow at a blistering speed of 410 feet per second.


Barnett GhostWith an investment in the Barnett Ghost 410, you are getting a bow that comes complete with a comprehensive user’s manual, a 20” axle-to-axle design, a 3X32 Scope for easy sighting of your prey. Fantastic for the hunt, the Barnett Ghost 410 will take down just about any prey, big or small, with ease. This bow is light, fast, and even more powerful than the bows that have come before it, including the Ghost 400 by the same manufacturer. In fact, the Barnett Ghost 410 takes everything exceptional in the Ghost 400 and carries it over in its own design, but adds more to it thereby rendering a powerful carbonlite bow like no other.

As mentioned earlier, the Barnett Ghost 410 serves up 410 feet per second when the arrow flies. It has a 185-pound draw weight, 15.375” power stroke, and it weighs all of 7.2 pounds. The bow measures 37.375” x 21.875”. The illuminated scope that the bow comes with is ready to install and use the moment you pull it out of the box. If you were to invest in a similar scope with the same kind of performance, you could expect to spend at least $200.00 or greater. With just a couple of days spent out on the shooting range practicing, if you grow accustomed to handling the Barnett Ghost 410 quickly you can hit a two-inch circle with shocking accuracy from a distance of about 60 yards out.


When you invest in the Barnett Ghost 410, you get a decent package, including three Headhunter arrows measuring 22 inches each. The bow comes with a Talon Crossbow sling and cross premium arrow quiver with a three-arrow capacity, a rope-cocking device, and a premium-illuminated scope for the sighting of prey.


The Ghost 410 has an ultra sweet design thanks to the Carbonlite Riser Technology: A proprietary offering by the manufacturer that leads to a shift of the bow’s balance point so it is away from the rise and it goes back to the shooter’s shoulder instead. In addition to the Carbonlite riser, a patented feature, this ultra light bow has a five to one safety factor giving the archer a bow that delivers an absolute balance between speed and bow weight. The riser ends up being an entire 43 percent lighter than other bow risers. If you opt for the bow with a mossy oak finish, you blend in perfectly with the woodland scenery, but the flat black bow also helps in camouflaging you well!

This bow has a flight track made of CNC machined aluminum. The 7/8” Picatinny Rail is also CNC machined. The limbs are composite laminated. The cable system and the Crosswire® string bring this flawless unit together. Another advantage with the package that comes with this crossbow is you end up getting a quiver that not only secures the arrows correctly but also has very little vibration.


The Ghost 410 by Barnett: It is a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, flawless bow that really cannot be beaten in terms of its light, sturdy, and highly attractive design. The impressive speed of the shot you get from this bow ensures you have got a seriously powerful weapon in hands if you are the lucky owner of this bow. You can count on the accuracy of the 410 and the bow’s design ensures very little vibration and minimal noise. The price tag may deter less skilled archers, but to the skilled shooter the Barnett Ghost 410 is a dream weapon come true: The Bentley of compound bows. This bow is the best if you want one of the hardest hitting weapons available on today’s market.

Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw Review

The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is a mid-level compound crossbow with a price typically ranging between $582.00 and $750.00. The bow is an attractive option when you are in the market for a powerful reverse draw compound crossbow. This bow is American made so you are supporting the American economy when you buy, and you can rest assured in knowing the bow’s integrity remains protected via the inclusion of a lifetime bow warranty. The bow is equipped with precise geometrically designed contours for repetitious and easy handgrip and with the perfect revolver grip so the recoil is reduced when firing an arrow. You can expect fantastic accuracy, a powerful strike, and a rapid acquisition of any target with the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw.

Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw CrossbowOne look at this bow and you will immediately witness just how sleek this unit is; the sheer appearance of this compound bow is breathtaking and intimidating. This bow promises remarkable speed, but a super lightweight, making it excellent for hunting excursions, travel, and transport. The camouflage exterior makes it super easy to blend into the environment as you hunt prey.


The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw bow pulls off a full 300 feet per second. It has a 155-pound draw weight, and a 15.125” power stroke. The mass weight of the bow is 6.5 pounds. It measures 31.7 inches by 17.25 inches. The exterior of the bow is decked out in high definition camo.


Barnett serves up quite a package of features in the Buck Commander Raptor Reverse. From Axle to Axle its 16.75”. The bow has string suppressors, a reverse limb, and a riser crafted out of carbon. The pass-through fore grip and finger reminders promise ease of handling the equipment when in use. The flight track is CNC machined aluminum. The bow has both laminated limbs and butt pad with adjustable features. In addition to all the latter, the bow comes with a cross premium quiver with a three-arrow capacity, a rope-cocking device, and a premium illuminated superior scope for easy spotting of your intended target. You also get three Headhunter arrows measuring 20 inches each in length.


The Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw bow has myriad of advantages for the adept archer looking for a lightweight, ultra compact, reverse draw functioning bow with, a superior trigger mechanism. All of the latter features make the bow perfect for hunting excursions, whether hunting small game, bear, moose, elk, or deer. The package that comes with the bow is decent as well, and could be otherwise labeled perfect if it had a few practice field points included with all the other perks that come with the model. The scope is powerful and is pretty much the standard many archers use: a 4×32 millimeter multi-reticle illuminated scope.

The Raptor’s Energy Output

If you are an adept archer looking for a powerful bow, one generating plenty of energy, look no further than the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw bow. With this model, you will have no problem hunting any kind of prey you desire: The 155-pound draw weight along with the 15 plus-inch long power stroke ensures a screaming speed of 330 feet per second when the arrow flies! Using a 20-inch arrow for each shot, it means you getting a whopping 97-foot lbs or energy with each shot. Hunting in the region of North America: The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw will help you take down that game quick!


The design of the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is coveted because rather than having the limbs of the bow curving toward the archer, the limbs curve in the opposite direction one would expect when using a compound bow. These leads to an ultra unique, sleek, compact style, and a bow with a design meant to inspire! What’s more, with reverse configured limbs, the archer ends up with tighter grips and even greater controls. To add to the breathtaking design of the speed demon, the manufactured added a stock with a skeletonized design: This not only looks hot, it makes the bow even lighter than other models. The string stops are positioned perfectly to ensure a sound dampening effect. The archer never has to worry about an injury of the thumb and fingers thanks to the forward grip design, and with fitted grooves serving as finger reminders, the archer’s hands grip the bow in a natural way, making the bow feel as if it is a natural extension of the archer’s body.


The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is ideal for an adept archer seeking a bow as attractive as it is functional. A neophyte archer may want to eventually upgrade to the Buck Commander Raptor once a long-term interest in archery reveals itself. The price of the bow makes it one better for an archer who is really committed to the sport. Nevertheless, it serves as an exceptional upgrade for the archer who has gained enough skills to handle its power. With an outstanding price, design, and features, the Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse Draw is a phenomenal piece of equipment.

TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe Review: The Ultimate High End Crossbow

TenPoint Carbon XtraIf you are in the market for a high-end bow, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is one of the leading bows on the market. This bow lands in the high-end category because it is typically priced between $1727.00 and $2,720.00. With a pretty posh price tag, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe may not be the best investment for a brand new archer, but the serious archer who has an intense passion for archery may find the price of the TenPoint crossbow more than worth the investment.


The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe achieves speeds of 345 feet per second. The bow has a carbon barrel, a thumbhole stock that’s laminated, and an Acu Draw Crank Cocking Aid. The exterior of the crossbow is sleek and attractive. The model is fitted with a 7/8-inch machine dovetail on which a Range Master Pro Scope is mounted. The price of the scope that comes with this bow is $300.00 if you were to buy it separately. It has five calibrated dots for 20, trough 60 feet in 10-foot increments, and three duplex crosshairs. The scope has illuminated and non-illuminated features. The exterior of the scope is made of durable aluminum.

The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is light, compact enough for travel, and it comes with a high-quality storage case. The crossbow is also airline approved. The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe weighs in at about 7.3 pounds so it is easy to transport to your tree stand or favorite hunting spot. To lend a greater degree of ease of transport to this device, you can make use of the included TenPoint Branded Sling featuring a non-slip design, adjustable straps, and custom swivels.


The package that comes with this compound crossbow is nothing short of massive. The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe comes with an amazing package. You get a quiver bracket so you can side mount the quiver and the bracket is ambidextrous so you can mount it to either side. The quiver features a fast disconnect lever. You get a total of six ten point 20 inch Pro Hunter Elite Bolts, broad heads, and lighted nocks. You get an additional six ten point carbon 20-inch bolts with field points on them for target practice.

When you buy the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe, it comes with a care kit to ensure the longevity of your equipment. You get the carry case, trigger lube, flight rail lube, string wax, and a precision oiler. You also get the Bowjax Noise Dampening Kit, an instructional DVD serving as an owner’s guide, a staff shooter field cap, and a grip guard for additional safety. You even get to maintenance certificates that are valued at $99.00 for each certificate.

An investment in the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe assures you have a bow that works well for small game hunting as well as hunting for elk, deer, bear, and moose. Those who use a crossbow for target shooting only will also appreciate the impressive accuracy, speed, and power of this model.

Ease of Assembly

The TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe comes with a printed owner’s manual and a DVD, both of which offer instructions about the assembly and use of the bow. The setup of the bow is fairly straight forward. You can attach the prod to the bow’s stock. Attach the quiver mount, and put the scope on the bow. The Bowjack noise-dampers can then be installed to ensure the absolute quiet operation of the crossbow. With the dampener kit, you can minimize the decibel level and make noise duration shorter. The kit comes with barrel dampeners, a retention spring dampener, and limb vibration dampeners.


The accuracy of this bow is amazing. Even at a distance of 80 or more yards from the target, the impact of the bolt is powerful and dead on accurate. The bow is fitted with a flawlessly polished bolt rail that produces absolutely no friction whatsoever against the bolt’s acceleration. You can easily take down and Elk or deer even if you are at 70 yards distance. The SteddyEddy™ monopod is made of aluminum and allows for an even easier shot. The monopod allows for motion free shooting with the bow.


If you want a crossbow with a massive package that matches the massive price tag, but that is built to impress, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe serves as the ultimate crossbow investment. A model best for the skilled archer, this bow comes with everything you possibility need for an accurate hunt or target shooting session. Appreciated for its sleek design, durability, and a long list of exceptional accessories, the TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe is a top notch compound crossbow for the archer’s investment.