Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Review

Diamond Infinite EdgeThe Diamond Infinite Edge is one of the best-selling bows on the market, and for good reason. It’s very adjustable, a great starter bow, is very light for hunters, and is great for those who like to target shoot. The only bad thing about it that many complain about is the square-shaped grip, but we’ll discuss that in a bit.

The Diamond Infinite Edge is made by Bowtech, one of the best manufacturers of bows in the world. If you want a compound bow for someone just getting into archery, especially younger archers who are likely to grow and get stronger as they use the bow. The range of adjustable settings on this bow is staggering, and you could get it for a five year old child and they can still use this bow ten to fifteen years later. At the same time, the bow would be great for an adult shooter who wants some flexibility in their bow’s settings.


This bow is based on a dual cam eccentric system. These cams are oblique and the movement is synchronized for a perfectly straight trajectory. The cam system on this bow is of very high quality. The cams are smooth, which sacrifices a bit of FPS in exchange for a beginner-friendly draw cycle. It’s perfect for those who are just learning to shoot because they can easily get perfect form. The cable slide is smooth, sturdy, and won’t pinch the cable.

What’s great about this bow is the diversity of the draw weight and the length settings. The draw length can range anywhere from thirteen to thirty inches, and the weight can be set from five to seventy pounds. Unless the shooter is a very tall male, there isn’t a person who can’t use this bow.

Changing the Draw Length and Weight

There are three settings, A, B, and C. C being the lowest range out of all the settings. In order to change the setting from C to B, you need a bow press. Just take the bow to a shop and they’ll help you out. Changes are, if you bought this bow for a child, the draw length and weight will need to be changed in their lifetime.

Shooting Speed

The IBO speed for this bow is 310 FPS, and all ratings assume there’s a setting of seventy draw weight, thirty draw length, and 350 grain arrows. The lower the settings or the heavier the arrow, the lower the FPS is going to be.

Keep in mind that if this bow is for a beginner, shooting speed is not that important. They should focus on accuracy and proper form at short distances before they begin hunting, which is when FPS will matter more. At the point in time when the archer will be going out with the bow to go hunting, the higher settings will be used and the FPS will be solid.


KE stands for Kinetic Energy, and is only of a concern when someone is going hunting for game animals. At the lower settings, the KE of this bow is so low that harvesting the smallest of game is not going to happen. However, at the higher settings, it’s a powerful bow that will take down some very large game.

Draw Cycle

The cams are not aggressive, the ramp up to peak draw weight will happen slowly and smoothly, and this leads to no noticeable humps in the cycle. This smoothness is true for regardless of the settings on the bow, which means that the draw remains consistent throughout the years kids practice shooting and the time that an adult needs in order to begin.

Noise and Vibration

Because it’s for younger beginner archers, the Infinite Edge needs to be light-weight so it doesn’t overtax a child’s muscles and make it uncomfortable for them to shoot for a long period of time. Because of this, not a lot of vibration and noise dampening accessories are installed on the bow because it would increase the weight. Even more so, a quiet performance is important when hunting, and young children won’t be going hunting.

However, the bow is pretty quiet as it is. It’s not as quiet as a more expensive compound bow out there, but it’s still quiet enough that it’s not annoying. There is a string stopper built into the riser that eliminates string vibration, but there is almost no hand-shock, which is a surprise for some.

If you need to silence the bow further, get a stabilizer.

For Hunting

The bow was not really made or equipped for hunting, but at the higher settings it can be used for that purpose. At the maximum settings, it’s able to take down the largest game in North America, and at less than twenty-five feet per pound it can take out some small game like rabbit and turkey.

Just be sure to add some extra silencing accessories if you want to take this bow hunting.


The main selling point of this bow is it has a wide range of adjustability and it’s a beginner-friendly bow. It’s a one of a kind bow that can grow with the beginner all through their stages and last them a very long time. If you’re purchasing this bow for a child, then this is an excellent choice because it will last them until they’re an adult. If you’re purchasing this for an adult male, you might want to look at a few other choices.


Amazon reviewers and parents across the globe who purchase the Diamond Infinite Edge have to agree that this compound bow is excellent for children and adults alike. It’s of great value for the money, and grows with the beginner until they’re ready for a slightly more advanced bow. We mention this bow frequently in our guide to buying the best compound bow, and it’s for good reason! This bow truly is one of the best.