The Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow: Exceptional for All Skill Levels

The Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve BowThe Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is a decent bow in terms of its initial investment; an archer can anticipate a price tag being between $194.00 and $262.00, depending on where the bow is purchased. The Jaguar is a bow available with a black or camouflage dipped exterior. The model is sold with a 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55-pound draw. This takedown bow features a hearty riser, an ultra smooth draw, and the shot is as powerful as it is impressive. The bow comes equipped with a slew of coveted features, making this a fantastic entry level bow or one for the avid archer to add to his or her existing collection of archery weapons.



The Jaguar Takedown features a 7-inch brace height and a mass weight of 2.7 pounds. Its AMO length is equal to 60 inches, and the bow is right hand oriented only. For any archer looking to get a taste of what it is like to partake of traditional bow and arrow use, the Jaguar is a fantastic choice. The bow has limbs made of laminated wood and glass, and serves of plenty of power when the arrow flies! For ease of transporting the unit from one location to another, the manufacturer has made it possible for you to remove the limbs from the bow’s riser. This removable function also allows for the simplicity of equipment storage.


The Martin Jaguar comes with a user’s manual. The bow comes equipped with a riser made of aluminum and magnesium mix, which lends to the lighter weight of the bow. The riser is compatible with any arrow quiver, stabilizer, or arrow rest. This bow is fitted with a solid limb alignment system. The manufacturer has designed the bow with convenience, performance, durability, and ease of handling in mind. Since the bow is light, it’s great for hunting excursions, and since the bow if fitted with a hand-warming thermal grip, you’ll maintain your handle of the bow, all while protecting your hand from the elements.


Assembly, Power, and Accuracy

The assembly of the bow is easy enough to ensure it is ready for use in about 15 minutes from the time you pull all the parts from the box. The parts included are minimal: You get a riser, two identical takedown limbs, an arrow rest, and the hardware needed to put the bow together. To attach each limb you will use a limb bolt, aluminum limb bolt bezel, composite limb bolt washer and a barrel nut. Once the limbs are attached, you can move to the step of attaching the arrow rest to the riser, and then you can string the bow. You will need to take care in not over tightening components so you can prevent unintentional damage to your equipment. Disassembling is equally easy.


The Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow is perfect for use with field points or real points. This bow best suits the neophyte and intermediate archer seeking a reasonably priced bow that delivers in terms of power and accuracy. Some professional archers will also appreciate the bow if looking for a light, but powerful bow for target practice or hunting excursions. The design of the bow ensures a comfortable grip. The only down side associated with the Martin Jaguar is that the plastic arrow rest is not as durable as it should be, and it may require replacement for a nominal fee in the future. Nevertheless, considering the cost for an arrow rest run around $10.00 and the Jaguar has the features of some upper-end bows, this issue should really have little to no effect on an archer’s decision to make the initial investment.


Visually, the Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow is inspiring: It is immediately clear that the manufacturer takes a lot of pride in the design and perfection of the Jaguar line. This recurve bow makes for an outstanding option for the new archer looking to get his or her feet wet, and its ease of use will serve as encouragement for those considering long-term participating in the popular sport.


The neophyte archer will appreciate the smooth draw and accuracy the Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow delivers. The adept archer is likely to be equally surprised, especially when finding the Jaguar has a similar feel and the accuracy of far more expensive, upper end bows. Groupings remain tight and accurate whether you are 20 to 40 yards out from your selected target. The bows with 40 to 45-pound draws are perfect for hunting game, with the 45-pound draw bow more suitable for deer hunting and the 45-pound draw bow better for hunting bears.



Ultimately, the Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow is well-designed, simple to care for, and it delivers an exceptional performance with every use. Living up to the name of “Jaguar” this coveted bow is fast, powerful, and dangerous. A suitable bow for archers of all experience levels, the Jaguar is a highly coveted as well as recommended bow. When using it on the field or for hunting live prey, an archer can feel confident that he or she is using a bow that is dependable, accurate, and powerful!